Bingo Points & FREE Cash Draws Bingo Points & FREE Cash Draws Bingo Points & FREE Cash Draws

Bingo Points & FREE Cash Draws

How do I accumulate bingo points? And do points vary in each bingo room?

Just like with air miles, CyberBingo allows you to earn points on every single bingo card you purchase. The cards are all assigned a different point value based on their initial cost. Below you will find a chart explaining the different card costs and the respective redeemable point, the more you spend the more points you will collect. For every point you accrue you can earn big cash rewards, with a possible $1,000.00cash withdrawal every month!

Earn more while playing online bingo on CyberBingo, thanks to our amazing loyalty scheme.

  • Daily Draw - $50.00 cash
    When: Every night at 11:59PM EDT
  • Weekly Draw - $250.00 cash
    When: Every Saturday night at 11:59PM EDT
  • Monthly Draw - $1,000.00 cash
    When: Last day of every month at 11:59PM EDT

Note: Bingo points are the property of CyberBingo and can be removed without prior notice. Bingo points do not have cash value equivalence and are non-transferable.

Please note - The point values are subject to change at any time.

Am I limited as to how many points I can earn?

This is based entirely on your game-play. The more you play the more points you accrue.

How do I use my points to play?

You can make use of the accumulated bingo points by redeeming them for entries in the Free Cash Draws. Click on Free Cash Draws button on the left hand side to participate.