Top Winners

Player Prize Date Comments
Jaclyn1015 $10,000 2023-01-28  
RedHotMomma $10,000 2022-12-31  
mirish56 $10,000 2022-06-25  
MIMIOF5LUBS $10,000 2022-04-30 Oh my gosh, all I can say is that I am over the moon with joy with winning the $10,000  
MYLOVEFERN $10,000 2022-02-26  
IONE $10,000 2022-01-29 I decided I needed a bingo date on January 28th and that date continued on to January 29th  
slyfoxsherri $10,000 2021-12-25  
aHotttie $10,000 2021-09-25  
aHotttie $10,000 2021-08-28  
shakeumup $10,000 2021-06-26  
lacey $10,000 2021-05-29 It was a Saturday night and I had been spending time with my grandaughter.  
tennis355 $10,000 2021-02-27  
bettyboop442 $10,000 2020-08-29 There are no words to describe how shocked and yet how happy I was to see my funds increased by $10K.  
laddieebugs $10,000 2020-07-25 I can hardly think, I won 10,000 and I don't know what to do, been playing for at least 15 years  
Stillgoing $10,000 2020-06-27  
ariesgal2017 $20,858 2020-05-06 I was attending my college classes and started getting a headache so decided to take a break from  
Lorna $10,000 2020-04-25 Hi,I was so surprised when I managed to get back into my Tourney screen and found my balance was so huge  
autumn33 $10,000 2019-12-28  
littlecdb05 $10,000 2019-09-28  
JAYBOY $10,000 2019-08-31 I been playing at cyberbingo at least 15 years. During that times I have won numerous jackpots.I played other bingo site none is compare to cyberbingo  
Jennie12345 $10,000 2019-07-27  
catnip42 $10,000 2019-06-29 As I played the big game on Saturday and the numbers rolled, up came pink, then green, then...yellow. Smiling,  
ilovedogs2 $10,000 2019-05-25 I was very surprised to hit the bingo jackpot!! It was very nice to see my balance go up  
jessquaw $10,000 2019-04-27 I had the best night ever! I was having so much fun playing all of the regular bingo games throughput the night  
LilasMomCarmy $10,000 2019-03-30 Cyberbingo has brought me big winnings always at the right time in my life  
Natou $10,000 2019-02-23 I had an eye operation on the Friday and had so sleep upright for about a week. I was sitting in my bed at 9h50pm and though of the big game that night  
wey1981 $10,000 2018-11-24  
ar7093 $10,000 2018-10-27  
macc174 $10,000 2018-06-30  
angelpie28 $10,000 2018-05-26  
luv2golf333 $10,000 2018-04-28  
Jennie12345 $10,000 2018-03-31  
LilasMomCarmy $10,000 2018-02-24  
MYLOVEFERN $10,000 2017-11-25  
chewy777 $10,000 2017-08-26  
thealaskan $17,108 2017-07-14 I really couldn't believe my eyes I grabbed my prescription glasses to check over $17,000  
bopalie $13,177 2017-06-27  
KittyMidget $10,000 2017-04-29  
mssassy764 $10,000 2017-02-25  
cecilia $15,498 2016-12-05 I went to the kitchen to make me a coffee and when i came back what a surprise !!!!  
LilasMomCarmy $10,000 2016-08-27  
vmoore845 $10,000 2016-07-30 Thank you Cyberbingo you have made my year!!!!!!!!  
suzwils $14,048 2016-07-02 OH YEAH!  
Lynne017 $10,000 2016-04-30 This will go along why to pay for my daughters university  
amystick44 $20,092 2016-03-13  
RGsLady $10,000 2016-02-27 Thanks Cyberbingo, for making my life a little brighter.  
autumn33 $10,000 2015-09-25 I couldn't believe I won the game  
chrissy30 $10,000 2015-08-28 Never thought I would finally win!!  
nybill $10,000 2015-07-24 Love playing those Saturday games at CYBERBINGO  
HONEY IM HOME $38,314 2015-07-07 There it was $38,313.94 in my account!  
loveyourmykell $10,000 2015-04-25  
sppudz3 $10,000 2015-02-28  
redme4win $10,000 2015-02-23 I have seen many of my fellow players win the $10,000 big events and always wished that it be me one day. My wish finally came true  
ArizonaDeborah $10,000 2014-11-22  
Casinonaughty1 $10,000 2014-10-24 What I like about Cyberbingo is the management listens to new ideas to improve the site  
Karman $10,000 2014-08-29 I've been playing on this site for about ten years now,and it just keeps on getting better  
Karman $10,000 2014-04-25 For the price of your cards and the prizes you win, no better site anywhere...I don't know of any site that plays for as much as $10,000.00  
travelagent $10,000 2014-03-28 I love playing at cyber this is the best site  
Karman $10,000 2014-01-24 It is great to play bingo especially here where the prize is great  
bingomebig06 $10,000 2014-01-21 I've been on this site since 2006 and it has been a wonderful ride  
JAYBOY $10,000 2013-11-22 I never thought that I would win 10,000  
loveyourmykell $10,000 2013-09-20 $10,000 Monthly game! Yea I won it!...  
eibhlin $10,000 2013-08-30 THANK YOU, CYBERBINGO, for my $10,000 win!!...  
cdavis67301 $10,000 2013-07-26 ....... I just sat there and said if its my time... its my time... and then my number came up and red BINGO!...  
bgmomma26 $40,000 2013-05-15 ...I won $40,000 at CyberBingo...  
traceys1966 $10,000 2013-03-23  
shalico $10,000 2012-07-27 ...The last time i won this was in 2009, never even dreamed i would do it again.....  
shalico $10,000 2012-07-26 ...I was set for O 70....when it turned RED!!! I almost fainted....  
Aunt Buzzard $10,000 2012-06-22 way I'm going to win. Not me...  
Mickeyy $12,026 2012-05-31 ...I am with Cyberbingo since 1996 and never gave up. I would say Cyberbingo is the best site on the net...  
bingogoof $10,000 2012-05-25 ...I have already made plans to go back to Australia for my friends 50th birthday party which I wasnt sure I could attend so I thank you CyberBingo for making mine and my friends very happy...  
ShowMeTheGreen $10,000 2012-04-25 ...Thanks CyberBingo for being the best site and the most fun!...  
dreamsalot1 $10,000 2012-02-24 I can't believe that my card turned red!...  
im2lucky $15,000 2011-12-31 Wow, and to think I almost went to a party on New Years Eve and missed the 100k game on December 31, 2011!  
hdangel77p $16,320 2011-08-16 ...Thank you!!! You just changed my life.  
Marhof $14,951 2011-06-26 ...what a gigantic surprise it was to see a straight Bingo come up carrying the progressive Jackpot of over $14,000...  
im2lucky $10,000 2011-04-30 "Wow, and to think I almost didn't buy cards for the 50k game on April 30, 2011!...  
suzieq3 $10,000 2011-02-26 Honey, I won $10,000! what I yelled to my husband...  
LUBBER1035 $10,000 2010-10-23 ...I was lucky enough to win the $10,000 prize...I usually dont stay up that late and play games at that time, it was just on a whim that I did...So THANK YOU CYBERBINGO  
donna78 $33,212 2010-10-06 I can not believe my luck! To have won over $30k this morning is so in shock of winning this incredible amount!  
JustShan $15,000 2010-08-14 WOW!!! I won the 15,000...  
galaxia $15,000 2010-07-07 ...I have been playing for 8 months and I am here to stay...I have plans to share my $15,000 winning with my sister Hakunamatada...  
YOSH8 $10,050 2010-04-24 ...I love playing in the mornings but who could pass up playing in the Tourney room on a Saturday night?...  
muggleborn $11,340 2010-04-05 ...Initially, I thought I had won only the $3500 and when my winnings popped up it was over $11000...  
Sooz $10,000 2010-02-27 ...This 10,000 dollars couldn't have come at a better time. I'm going to pay some bills and maybe take my hubby on a long deserved holiday!...  
IONE $10,000 2009-12-26 ..."I find that with my winnings it works out to a fairly reasonable fee to pay for many hours of enjoyment."..."I am proud to say I have had the pleasure of winning the $10,000 twice now !!!"...  
AZDON44 $10,000 2009-10-31 ..."Thank you once again Cyber for the $10K treat. This makes 4 times that I have hit a 10K jackpot,..."..."...I do play the poker machines and even hit a royal flush $4K..."...  
debbiela $13,688 2009-09-24 "OMGGGGGGGGGG cant stop shaking..."..." big roomies so I congratulate you all like you did me goooo roomies. And once again cyber is the best site ever".  
Lynne017 $10,000 2009-06-27 'I would like to thank the roomies and Marco for your support and excitement after I won the 10K.'...'Thank you Cyber, roomies and CM's I will always remain a loyal player.'...  
tmedic $10,000 2009-06-20 'Wow it's still hard to believe that I won.'...'Thank You Cyberbingo for the #1 site where roomies can get together to have fun!!!'  
redandonfire $10,000 2009-06-06 ...'What can I say.....the best birthday present anyone could get!!!!!'...'OMG I still can't believe I won again, that makes twice in 21 days.'...  
redandonfire $10,500 2009-05-16 ...'Guess how much I won...Yep that is right 10,500 dollars...'...'Of course all the roomies were wonderful when I went back into chat...'...  
GRNLW $10,000 2009-05-09 ...'What can I say it was truly a beautiful Mother's Day gift.'...'I love playing at Cyber and will continue to play. I hope to be able to return to chat soon and wish everyone well.'...  
JAYBOY $10,000 2009-05-02 ...'I never thought that I would win the 10000 dollar coverall.'...'I think cyberbingo is the best site on the web. I will always play.'...  
Whiskers $10,000 2009-04-18 ...'Been waiting almost 12 years for my turn.'...'Hang in there all roomies, you could be the next $10,000.00 Jackpot winner!'...  
pribilofs $10,000 2009-03-21 'Cyberbingo has been good to me over the years and I have been greatly pleased with the years of great service from Cyberbingo.'...'So now It's off to Hawaii or some place Tropical...'...'...You are the best bingo site out there, I wouldn't play anywhere  
Jennie12345 $10,000 2009-03-07 'I play almost ever one of the big games and always watch it go but never thinking it would actually go to me, lol. Thank you soooo much for a gr8 game from a gr8 site :)'...  
HoWaX825 $10,000 2009-02-28 'I want to thank everyone at CyberBingo. You are the best bingo site out there. Great customer service, consistent and quick payouts, and the best payout games'  
japansue $10,000 2009-02-21 'Cyberbingo is the best!!! I have been playing on this site for about 6 years and have always enjoyed taking home the money!!!!!'...'Thank you so much cyber for making my life a little bit easier and a lot more fun!!'  
CanYouFeelIt $10,000 2009-02-14 'I was just joking with the roomies about only playing 10 cards because there was no chance of me ever winning'...'Thank you Cyberbingo and to all the wonderful CM's and roomies!'  
shalico $10,000 2009-01-31 'I told him is real money...'...'This is the greatest place on earth'...'Well roomies good luck to all of you and see you in chat'.  
HoWaX825 $25,000 2008-12-27 'I would never have thought'...'that I stood a chance of winning the huge $25k JP end of the year game.'...'Do not give up roomies, you never know when you'll be the next lucky JP winner.'  
Karman $10,000 2008-11-29 "A word of encouragement to the other players, hang in there your time will come too. Thanks again cyber."  
Exotica8 $10,000 2008-11-08 'As I have told everyone who cared to listen, CYBERBINGO is the place to play.'...'I only thought BIG WINS happened to other people'...'Big wins are possible for all who play at the Cyberbingo site.'  
dixieduck $10,000 2008-11-01 'Thank you Cyberbingo for another great win. You are the best! Keep the faith everyone! It could happen to you next!'  
scoot27 $15,075 2008-10-26  
moms $10,050 2008-09-27 'I really like the $10,000 being every Sat Night. It adds tons more excitement to an already # 1 Site. Way to go CYBERBINGO always working to make Bingo better, I know this for a fact, because I have been a proud member since 1996'  
AZDON44 $10,000 2008-09-06 'I'm a faithful Cyber player so why not try'...'Thank You Cyber for breaking the odds'...'P.S. Gonna keep trying for that 3rd $10,000.00-HA HA.'  
japansue $10,000 2008-08-30 couldn't believe that I won the 10,000 game. I have been playing on the cyberbingo web site for several years and have really enjoyed the comraderie in the chat rooms and the entertainment of winning!! I was actually playing scrabble on my computer and we  
AuaKirl $10,000 2008-07-26 'OMG! I'm still on shock that I'm now one of the lucky $10,000 winners!'...'Don't give up, your number card maybe next! Cyberbing truly is the best!'  
pattyjack $15,000 2008-07-21 'I had just logged on. had .83cents left bought 1 card.'...'ty everyone at cyber and all my roomis'  
moms $12,500 2008-06-28 'WOW eeeeeeeeeeee Thank you so much CyberBingo. $12,500.00 is the most I have ever won in my whole life'...'those same neighbors are over at my house asking how to sign up with CyberBingo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'  
snug_02 $13,437 2008-06-06  
cyberbuck$ $10,000 2008-05-31 'so i signed up right away and made a deposit without using the free trial money'...'I've played lots of different sites and entered there big promotional bingo games and never come close'  
chasemom $10,000 2008-04-26 'Thank you sssoooo much cyberbingo. All the wonderful CM's and Roomies.'...'Remember when you have High Hopes all is possible'  
AZDON44 $10,000 2008-03-29 'Thanks to you my retirement account got fatter.'...' Thank You Cyber for being the best site around'...'Accounting, Support, CM's, and roomies are all wonderful'  
filicheez $15,000 2008-03-25 'Cheers to the BEST bingo site on the internet! I never thought it would happen to me. Keep playing and it can happen to you'  
dixieduck $10,237 2008-03-03 'I have been playing on Cyber Bingo for about 4 years'...'It can happen to you too so don't give up hope'...'Everyone in chat was so nice to me and I really do appreciate it'  
azart60 $10,000 2008-01-26 SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! I am still in shock! Game froze up on me while playing the $10,000 game and had to logoff and log back on. Couldn't see my cards, but game was still in progress. All of a sudden I saw my name pop up on the screen as the winner.  
ring my bell $10,167 2007-12-22  
ShowMeTheGreen $10,000 2007-10-20  
RGsLady $10,000 2007-09-22  
IONE $10,000 2007-04-28  
LUCKYDUCKIE $10,000 2007-03-17 ALL GREEN WITH MY NEW 10,000.00 WIN. i WON THE 10,000.00 ON ST PATRICKS DAY  
victor28 $10,000 2007-01-27 I was so excited!! I won the $10,000 prize!!!  
eggie $10,000 2007-01-06 At first I thought I won $1,000 then I looked again and there was an extra digit at the end! Thank you X $10,000!  
alaskangem $25,250 2006-12-23 I won $25,000 dollars. What a great Christmas this has been. Now I can finish remodeling my kitchen YES!...  
jiminycricket $10,000 2006-11-25 my G53 came up... I was shocked!!!...I won, I won!  
LittleCat $10,000 2006-11-11 I was shaking so bad could not type or say anything but omg. I woke up hubby...  
EL8TED $10,000 2006-10-28 I was in total disbelief. After I blinked a couple of times and realized that I had acutually won, I completely went numb...  
tigerbird $25,083 2006-09-16 $25,000 who would have thought that I could win that much money at bingo?  
chris2000 $10,000 2006-08-19 Who would think that you could win $10,000 sitting at home playing on your laptop...  
99alero $10,000 2006-08-05 For all you players out there who get frustrated at seeing yellow, yellow, yellow, hang in there, one day, like me, you will get a Beautiful RED card!!  
Moose83 $13,443 2006-07-22 I split a $10,000 game, won an all inclusive trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, and now this progressive jackpot for $13,443.26  
NCVball $10,000 2006-06-24 I was so excited when my card went from yellow to red. I actually won $10,000!!!  
bluebowes $10,000 2006-06-17 Cyberbingo has surprised me again. This time with the Super Jackpot of $10,000.00  
docandk $10,000 2006-06-10 We were so happy to win the $10,000 cyberbingo last night (third $10,000 I won at CyberBingo).  
truffle22 $10,000 2006-06-03 been a member of Cyberbingo for quite a few years now and this is the BEST bingo site on the net!  
elliemae413 $15,000 2006-05-29 I am so happy i found this site it doesn't compare to any other.  
MadMax $10,000 2006-05-20 I've been a member for many years! You guys ROCK! Thanks again!  
kythuff $10,000 2006-05-13 I just kept saying" omg, omg"! I woke the whole house up! It was a wonderful Mothers Day gift  
xoxoxo $25,000 2006-04-15 I would like to wish everyone good luck and hope they can get as lucky as me  
BostonRoxy $10,000 2006-03-25 I really enjoy playing here. Thank you for giving me one of life's little surprises  
Betty Boop 1 $10,000 2006-03-18 I told my family last month that I was going to win the big one, that my time was soon. Low and Behold today was my day and my Daughter was sitting right there to see me win...  
deab143 $10,000 2006-03-11 When my card turned red....have to admit I was selfish....and kept saying "ALONE". When it showed it was just me, I starting yelling for hubby.  
Moonbabie $10,000 2006-03-04 I bought my cards, I called the family in when I needed 3tg everyone was in the room hoping for G-52 and there it was..The whole room was screaming as I could hardly breath.  
LUCKYCHARMS1 $10,000 2006-02-25 I am hooked on this great website! I am a true believer of cyberbingo and recommend this to all you non-believers. Believe me when I say that I was also a skeptic since I've never won anything in my life.  
littlejo $10,000 2006-02-18 Hey!!!! All I need is O-61!!!!!! Then I yelled, "HEY!!!!! I GOT IT!!!! I WON!!!"  
TEXASTERRI $10,000 2006-02-11 My husband said "honey look" and when I did I saw red and just couldn't believe it.  
docandk $10,000 2006-02-04 Thank you for having the best online bingo site anywhere!  
bettyboop442 $10,000 2006-01-28 The truth is I often wondered if the big payouts were really true - but now I have not doubts.  
rainfan $11,389 2006-01-28 The card turned "RED"!... " OH MY GOD I JUST WON OVER $11,000.00"!!!!!!!  
tigerbird $10,000 2006-01-07 This $10,000 comes in handy with all the bills after Christmas  
mcmom17 $25,000 2005-12-24 I had won $25,000 and my knees buckled...Thank you for running such a great special and for having such a wonderful site...  
GRNLW $10,000 2005-11-26 It was such a surprise I had been imagining a big win all day so when it happened I was blown away. I yelled for my hubby to come see because I just couldn't believe it.  
maryjo185 $10,000 2005-11-19 another roomie called me and asked me if I was maryjo185 and I said yes and then she said I won 10,000. I'm still in shock.  
letpay $10,000 2005-10-22 I am still not believing that I won!!!... I will have a very Merry Christmas with this money!  
luckyinky $10,000 2005-10-15 Winning $10,000 at CyberBingo Saturday Night still seems like a "Dream"!! N-34 will be one Number I will never forget!! I am still re-living that Moment!!  
nmjg12 $10,000 2005-10-01 I was not expecting more hospital bills, as I had plenty as it was, and that was getting me down a bit. JUST THEN CYBERBINGO COMES TO THE RESCUE. AGAIN! I know, no capitals lololo, I know chat rules, kinda lololol  
maboss $10,000 2005-09-24 then bang it hit!!! we all were jumping up and down hugging and crying...WOW how exciting it was to win the $10,000.00  
Marymom3 $10,000 2005-09-17 I just kept saying plzz plzz plzzz....and 74 popped up. My heart was racing!  
nmjg12 $10,000 2005-09-10 Looked at my account and WOWSER... CYBERBINGO comes to the rescue again  
NthFLdude $10,000 2005-09-03 I am still in shock about my win...Thank you cyber bingo for making this happen  
Scots_dale $10,000 2005-07-30 I am still shaking from my win of $10,000...Thanks so much for making me so happy!  
nmjg12 $10,000 2005-07-16 lesson learned is, don't ever think your the unluckyest person in the world because just at that moment, WOW, BANG, OUCH, pinch me , I won...  
ANITA4936 $10,000 2005-07-09 NO WAY!! NO WAY!!  
suzzie55 $10,000 2005-07-02 The improvements to our Dream Home can now be completed  
LuckyLexica $10,000 2005-07-02 I am a new player I actually just joined last week...And, low and behold I won the big one!!!!!!!!!!!!  
truckngranny $10,000 2005-06-25 when B-10 popped out, I kept screaming, WE WON, WE WON. The phone was ringing and my daughter (imabasketcase), was calling to scream YOU WON. LOL  
jlake5144 $10,000 2005-06-11 I told my family to remind me in the morning because I will think I dreamed this...  
mazda22 $10,000 2005-05-21 i dont even know what to say still in shock!...woke up about 3am turned on comp. and just couldnt beleive my eyes... I had won $10,000.00  
docandk $10,000 2005-05-14 called my husband in for support. "Make B3 come up", I said. "If B3 comes up, we win $10,000!" Without further ado, he started chanting, "B3, B3, B3, B3". Several numbers came up and then, there it was - B3!  
TxRose34 $10,000 2005-05-07 have met some wonderful friends there that i dearly love.......this is my home away from home  
crazychrissy $10,000 2005-04-23 We jumped and screamed!! I am surprised we didn't wake our kids up. I am still in shock!!  
abberdabber $10,833 2005-04-16 Wow is just about all I am able to say right now lol  
loseitall $10,000 2005-04-04  
loseitall $10,000 2005-03-25  
kythuff $10,000 2005-03-19 "When my card turned red, I believe I quit breathing!"  
tigerbird $10,000 2005-03-12 "Cyberbingo you are the BEST!!!!!"  
Mime22 $10,000 2005-03-11  
Tiggersz $10,000 2005-03-07 "Oh my God I can't believe it. I looked and I looked again to make sure I was seeing it right. I lost my breath when I saw that card turn red."  
LuckyDucky $10,000 2005-02-26 "I am still in shock. I have never won anything like this before. Thank you again soo much cyber you rock..."  
BingoGator $10,000 2005-02-19 "Wow!!! I cannot tell you how excited.. when I knew I had won the $10,000.00. It was fantastic!!!!"  
Sandy318 $10,000 2005-02-12 "Still cant believe I won the 10,000 grand again. Lightening does strike twice!!!!"  
carnac $10,000 2005-02-05 "The $10,000 that I won will be well spent! You can count on that!"  
deecat $10,000 2005-01-23 "I was stunned and shocked--it took a few minutes for it to sink in..."  
Island8 $10,000 2005-01-22 "I am in shock - after winning the 10 grand last night..."  
NiTi $10,000 2004-12-29  
moonkitty $10,000 2004-12-25 "I WON I WON I did it I won ... I was shaking and feeling a lump"  
MumEDerest $10,000 2004-11-27 "...This is positively the best bingo site on the net..."  
BIGHUNTER03878 $10,000 2004-10-16 "...I couldn't believe it - I had actually won the $10,000!..."  
banyan65 $10,000 2004-10-14  
mumeskid $10,000 2004-09-30 "My heart was still racing when I woke up the next morning"  
Sandy318 $10,000 2004-08-21 "I still can't believe this! If I can win anyone can"  
JustShan $10,000 2004-07-24 "...a Balance $10,000. Oh my God... I am soooo greatful..."  
tookee $10,000 2004-07-13  
broke4bingo $10,000 2004-06-19 "...I can't believe it thank you so much cyber!!..."  
hobo2000 $10,000 2004-05-08 "...Thank you all for the congrads we got when we won good luck to all..."  
breeze2004 $10,000 2004-04-17 "...I jumped out of my chair saying oh my goodness, oh my goodness over and over again..."  
jmerri2 $11,042 2004-04-10  
AZdebbie $10,000 2004-03-20 "...I am still in shock after winning the $10,000 guaranteed coverall..."  
eibhlin $10,000 2004-02-21 "...When my card turned red I could barely type "bingooooooo"! I started shouting and crying and shaking..."  
TheRocket $10,000 2004-02-10  
Phynghers $10,000 2004-01-31  
DGMagic $15,000 2004-01-09 "...I looked at the number and saw it was on call 45, I couldn't breathe..."  
Melissa717 $10,000 2003-11-22 "...Yahoo!! I cannot believe that I have won 10,000. I am still in shock..."  
Madielou $10,000 2003-10-25  
SerialBingoMom $10,000 2003-09-13 "...WooooooHooooooo!!! What a blessing it is to become a $10,000 winner..."  
KKnight $20,000 2002-12-10  
bittersweet $10,000 2002-04-12