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"I WON I WON I did it I won ... I was shaking and feeling a lump"

Hello, I am known to cyberbingo as moonkitty, I love to play bingo and as I got home from Christmas dinner I went right for the computer to sign on for the Holiday tournament. I was not doing well to begin and then I split a pot and was able to buy some more cards for the big prize. As I was sitting in my recliner as I usually do with laptop at hand as my girlfriend Sue was sitting across from me knitting. I said 'Sue' 'Sue' 'I WON I WON I did it I won' then called her over to me in disbelief as I was shaking and feeling a lump in my throat as this was the last thing I had expected, I still am in shock. Alls I can say is this was one heck of a Christmas present. Thank you CyberBingo.