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"...I couldn't believe it - I had actually won the $10,000!..."

This is Mrs. Hunter and my husband and I play at Cyber under the name BIGHUNTER03878. I was playing bingo on Saturday night October 16th like I usually do. Much to my surprise and happiness - I won a $500 game. Hunter was snoring away and I decided to let him sleep and surpise him in the AM with the extra money in our account. About 45 mintues later it was time for the big $10,000 guaranteed game. I had pre-bought 4 cards earlier in the evening and with my extra $$ from the $500 win I decided to splurge on a couple more cards. Much to my shock and extreme delight I watched one of my cards start turning colors - purple, then green, then yellow and OMG RED. I couldn't believe it - I had actually won the $10,000. Things happened so fast and I was in such shock that I couldn't even answer all the roomies and CM's and acknowledge all their WTG's and best wishes. One of the roomies even typed that maybe they should send oxygen over to my house - I tell you - I could probably have used it. Well - needless to say - I HAD to wake Hunter up - I couldn't keep quiet. Thanks Cyber for this great opportunity. I never thought it could happen to us since we play at lot of games but we don't play a lot of cards. This win just goes to prove what I've often said - it only takes one card to win - it just has to be the right one!! Thanks again roomies for all the WTG's and best wishes. Good luck to all of you and hopefully I'll be reading a quote from one of you soon!! Cyber has the BEST CM's and the BEST roomies ANYWHERE and don't let anyone tell you different!!