Top Winners


"I still can't believe this! If I can win anyone can"

I still can't believe this! If I can win anyone can. I have never been a big winner before; in fact I really never won much at all. I have always been the player that was thinking "How do they win all those games"? In fact many times I left the game because I felt I didn't have a chance. Now I'm that player they are talking about, lol. I hope all the roomies get to experience the thrill of winning one of your Super Jackpots so they can see how I feel. I can't describe how great it feels. I am so glad that Cyber sent me an e-mail saying I was missed and to come back. I will never leave again. I love the new stuff that's been added and the roomies are the best! I don't know how long this roll will last, but I will always have August 21, 2004 to remember! Thanks again.