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"...a Balance $10,000. Oh my God... I am soooo greatful..."

Unbelievable....!! I am new to Cyberbingo. I have been playing now for 2 months. I think it is the best thing ever since gambling in Las Vegas. My loggin name is in Memory of my late son's name JUSTIN, who tragically passed away last Sept at the age of 3. I am so amazed at how lucky I have been recently and believe everything happens for a reason. I am overseas and with the time difference I knew I was not going to be able to purchase the cards during the game. So I pre-ordered cards for the BIG $10,000. Hours after the game had my surprise, I logged onto my account..... I could not even believe what I saw. Yessss!!! a Balance $10,000. Oh my God... I am soooo greatful. Everyone has a chance to win you never know. I wish everyone the best of luck. I will continue to play on CyberBingo. The best Bingo sight ever... Thanks CyberBingo for giving someone one great memory.