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Wow is just about all I am able to say right now lol

Hi everyone! Wow is just about all I am able to say right now lol. I will start by saying that I wasn't even going to play for the big game. I was running low and did not want to have to fund but my hubby said well you should play it if you feel lucky. I had to laugh because I don't think I have ever felt lucky a day in my life. I decided to play and was feeling depressed because I had only enough to play 6 cards after playing a few hands of deuces. I thought oh well you might have a chance because my sister luv2win$ was also playing and we had talked that if we ever won a big one that we would split. I was so busy watching her say that she was getting down real fast that my poor 6 cards were on ignore lol. I am looking around the room twiddling my thumbs thinking boy I wish she would hurry. I look up and see a yellow card and I needed I 20 for the second part and a coverall. Well what do you know there it was. I still don't believe that I actually won that much money on 6 cards. I want to thank all of the roomies who are always so kind to me, to the CM's for a great job, and Cyber for the time of my life. Good luck to each and everyone!