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"...I jumped out of my chair saying oh my goodness, oh my goodness over and over again..."

Wow, I must start by saying I have such a great time playing on the Cyberbingo site. Between the friendly people in the chat and your very helpful CM's. I started playing at Cyberbingo with a little "mad" money. Looking to win a few bingos here and there, never did I dream I would win your Saturday Nite cover-all special. I was playing a few cards, so I was using the auto marker, and after 40 some numbers I opened the chat window to see if anyone was close (and that hid two of my cards). Then, a few more numbers were called and I was watching the very first card that needed one number B5, heart racing, hands shaking. I hear "Bingo has been called!". Needless to say I was bummed (still looking at the b5 not covered). Well, I wanted to congratulate the winner with a wtg in the chat, I looked to see the name that was displayed as the winner, and I saw my name. I jumped out of my chair saying oh my goodness, oh my goodness, over and over again. Very much in shock, one of the cards that i didn't see won. I get happy just from winning a bingo on the regular games, but I was beyond excited winning your $10,000.00 special cover-all in the diamond room April 17th 2004. This just goes to show anyone can win on Cyberbingo.

Good Luck To Everyone.
Thank you,