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"...WooooooHooooooo!!! What a blessing it is to become a $10,000 winner..."

Hello CyberBingo! Thank you so much!!! WooooooHooooooo!!! What a blessing it is to become a $10,000 winner at CyberBingo!! When I learned that this HUGE game was going to be played, I was so excited! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could win, but I KNEW it was worth a shot!! I contacted everyone I knew and invited them to play.... after all, I have never seen a chance like this!! I pre-ordered cards and then played a few games on Saturday prior to the special. I was mesmerized throughout the game... hoping and praying to even get close. When I got to three numbers to go, I was almost in a state of panic!! At two numbers to go, I was praying!! When I was set I closed my eyes, and the next time I opened them, my card was RED!!! I think I hit the bingo button at least a dozen times!!! LOL! I was in a state of complete shock!! That shock turned to every emotion... I laughed, I cried... I did it ALL!! Once I was able to stand, I ran to the telephone and called everyone I knew to share the joy!!! They will ALL be there for the next one!!!! :-)

Thank you CyberBingo!!!! You have made me one happy lady!!!! Keep up the great work, you guys are awesome!!!

Sincerely, SerialBingoMom