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...I won $40,000 at CyberBingo...

Hey this is big mama26, and I won $40,000 at CyberBingo. I was very shocked when it happened to me ive been playing for years, I have won but never that much it was amazing I love the site I love the people i won $40,000... $40,000! me! a little old girl from Oaklahoma .. I won! Im excited! I am still in shock, what are the chances I seen $40,000 come up there and I thought my Dang computer messed up. So I logged off and back on and it was still there it could have not come at a better time I just quit my job and bought a cafe which has always been a dream of mine. Now I can make it bigger. I have played at CyberBingo for years and I wanna say thanks to Cyberbingo for helping make my dreams come true. A lot my friends and family wanna know which site it is I play at they all wanna start playing. They used to laugh now they wanna join me. Again this is bgmomma26 aka Kristal and I won $40.000 at CyberBingo thanks sooo much woohoo! !!!