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Looked at my account and WOWSER... CYBERBINGO comes to the rescue again

I promised my sweet CM Rose that I would tell her the whole unbelievable truth of this win. I don't believe it yet. As I wrote in my last email when I won the grand sweet prize that saved me from medical oblivion, I had 6 surgeries in six months to go through and I have only one left thank goodness and due to Cyberbingo taking a great deal of worry about the cost off of my shoulders I have done quite well. As we all know that you go to the hospital to get taken care off and get better, and as soon as you do get better, they give you the bill and of course you get sick all over again. Maybe they do it on purpose LOL I hear a pause, and that usually means a bingo, but I don't have any color changes on any cards, so I know I am way off and it is not me. Oh well another day, and all of a sudden a NAME pops up, and to my shock: SOMEONE STOLE MY NAME, OUCH. Let them keep the money but I want my name back. I saw nmjg but didn't see nmjg12 so I thought it was someone else that won with part of my name LOL I completely forgot that I had a few cards on the second page and with no cards turning color on my first page it never dawned on me that I had a second page and it was really my name. I hurried to turn on chat to ask who stole my name and wonderful Rose said Congrats you won again. I was still very confused but tried not to act so dumb, as I was lol, but I thought that a great mistake had happened and any minute the screen would correct the right winner as I had no bingo cards on my page that were any color. I still didn't remember page 2. Looked at my account and WOWSER CYBERBINGO comes to the rescue again. Thanks again so very much to all the kind, kind roomies that said, not congrats, but where is Buddy and give him a hamburger, Hey, I did all the work LOL LOL And wonderful Rose, as without her I would still be in a daze LOL And to Cyberbingo for the chance to help and I mean really help peoples lives in a very meaningful way. nmjg12 and Wonder Dog Buddy