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I love playing at cyber this is the best site

Omg what a surprise I purposely stayed home on Saturday night just tp play the tournament. I got a new kitten the previous Monday and was chasing her all over the house so I decided to let the computer play on automatic. I only had $29.25 left in my account so i bought 5 cards . By the time I finally sat down to look at my cards I needed one number B1 - i knew there was a B coming and my heart was in my mouth but it was B14 - but wait there was another blue balll coming and sure enough it was B1 - I let out a scream I couldn't believe it ... omg i was so excited I thought i was going to pass out . I have been playing at Cyber bingo for so many years now and this is the first really big win for me, I have so many plans now for the money starting with a new wardrobe for me lol. I want to buy some new furniture and get some presents for my kids. I love playing at cyber this is the best site. This is second jackpot win with Hope I am convinced she brings me luck. Thanks again Cyber you have made some of my dreams come true