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the BIG game which plays once a month worth a whopping $50,000 grand minimum of $10,000

I just love playing bingo all the time at Cyber but I would have to say Saturday nights are my favorite. The tourney room offers multi part games with prizes offering $25, $50 and $250 and at the top of the hour $1,000 games, also the BIG game which plays once a month worth a whopping $50,000 minimum of $10,000. Well this past Saturday I was playing like I always do every Saturday night and I hit one of the $1,000 games. I was in shock to say the least. I continued to play and it was time for the Big game one of my cards was doing very well it was filling up quickly, you can usually tell if it may be a winning card. I thought to myself there is no way I'm going to win again after hitting for $1,000 earlier. I needed B2 by the 56th call and the next ball was green I was sitting here saying please pleaseee nobody have it lol because the next ball was blue and there it was B2...Total shock and excitement I was jumping up and down so happy. There were 3 winners in which I was more then happy to share. Thank You Cyber Bingo for the continued great games, great cm's and great site that you are!!!!