Top Winners


I was not expecting more hospital bills, as I had plenty as it was, and that was getting me down a bit. JUST THEN CYBERBINGO COMES TO THE RESCUE. AGAIN! I know, no capitals lololo, I know chat rules, kinda lololol

I just must say to everyone that I never never won at many places, including Cyberbingo for the longest time and didn't really play to win, although it would be nice. So, I don't know the words to say how discouraging it is to never win and everyone it seems is getting bingo all the time except you, but eventually if you are persistent enough, everybody's luck turns. Hey, it only took me 55 years LOL I thank all my good and kind roomies for all the congrats, and so do apologize, for not answering all questions that were asked, but poor Rose had her hands full calming me down I was so excited, I was shivering and shaking all over. I don't want to exactly say that I am pretty stupid, but it happened again just like last time. It starts to get close to the end and you hold your breath and start staring at the page and intently talking to the cards. Like, just give me this one number please card and I will buy you your own site where you will be the only card and star. Doesn't everybody talk to there cards?????? YIKES, SOMEONE STOLE MY NAME AGAIN????? I then put chat on, and without Rose to calm you down after you sort off realize you won, I don't know what I would do. So, a world off appreciation goes out to Rose who knows exactly how to handle the most difficult time, that being winning and trying to stay calm and actually believe it is you and no one stole my name LOLOL Thank you very very much again, CYBERBINGO. It was worth 55 years of bad luck just to play here and forget my problems for awhile. And, roomies, I got no system and if you tried to do it the accidental way I do, well what a mess you would have. Just plain, and I hate to say it, DUMB LUCK lol true, true , true. So never give up hope and perseverance. You will win to. Tell you the truth, if someone told me that, I wouldn't listen, but it is true, no formula except show up like everyone else and try, try ,try again. nmjg12 and Buddy (the bingo burger boy)