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I happened to notice that Cyber has a new game called Power Ball Xtra

Hello. doughn8tor here. Here is my statement. I have been playing on Cyberbingo for over eight years and I never thought I would hit a jackpot. The day I won my jackpot was a day off from work because things are a little slow right now. I made my deposit and started playing video poker. I got some four of a kinds and it took my balance up high enough to try playing other games. I tried slots and did pretty good. I happened to notice that Cyber has a new game called Power Ball Xtra. I was playing one card for a dollar and I hit $500. I logged off from that and played some more poker and again, did pretty good. I went back to Power Ball Xtra and hit $750. At this time, I was feeling very good about my wins. I closed Power Ball Xtra and reopened it and again played 1 card for a dollar. This time I needed 1 number for the coverall and jackpot. I had 3 balls to go to try and fill that coverall. It cost me almost $300 to play this game that I won on, but I was so far ahead cash wise that I took the chance to get the coverall. With 3 numbers left to be called I bet 1 more time and LO and Behold my number came out for the coverall. That’s $3,399.00! I have enjoyed playing on Cyberbingo for over 8 years and have found that this is the best site of ALL. Thanks, Cyberbingo! doughn8tor