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The card turned "RED"!... " OH MY GOD I JUST WON OVER $11,000.00"!!!!!!!

Dear CyberBingo, On January 28th, everyone was still aslee, being it was Saturday. I was awake earlier so I thought I'd be quiet and play Cyberbingo while the rest of the household slept. Then it happened!! The game was Any line, anway bingo on .25 cent cards. I couldn't believe my eyes!! The card turned "RED"!----"IS ANYONE AWAKE??!!" I jumped right out of my chair and kep yelling (by this time alot louder)My granddaughter asked "Grandme, what's wrong?" I said, "OH, MY God, I just won over $11,000.00"!!! My son finally woke up and heard me and smaked his wife and said, "Wake up!! Mom just won $11,000.00"!!!!! I'm still in shock!! I just can't believe my luck with Cyberbingo!! Than you so much!