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Hey!!!! All I need is O-61!!!!!! Then I yelled, "HEY!!!!! I GOT IT!!!! I WON!!!"

Dear CYBERBINGO, I was trying to play the "$10,000.000 Guaranteed in 75 Calls" game. I was really tired but I was determined to play that game. I was playing in the Diamond Room when it came to 10:00pm (central time)...then 10:15...then 10:45 and still no game. Finally, at 11:00pm I realized it was Friday night, not Saturday. Well, the next day I was looking forward to that game all day. I started playing in the Diamond Room just before 10:00pm then the "$10,000.00 game" started. I told my husband, "I'm going to splurge and buy 24 cards." Before long I yelled to my husband, "3 to go!!"...---"2 to go!!!...---Hey!!!! All I need is O-61!!!!!! Then I yelled, "HEY!!!!! I GOT IT!!!! I WON!!!" My husband and I made so much noise the dogs were barking like crazy!! I think they were excited too!!! We wanted to call everyone and tell them but it was late and the only person we could think of that would be up at that hour was our 21 year old daughter. So, we called her. She was just as excited as we were. Needless to say we couldn't go straight to sleep that night. Adrenalin kept us up for hours!!! What a fun and exciting night!!! Thank you so much CyberBingo!!!

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