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my G53 came up... I was shocked!!!...I won, I won!

"I have had such fun playing bingo at Cyberbingo and meeting people in the chat room. I play bingo every weekend with my friends and we all enjoy the time we have together and love to win so Cyberbingo is good site for me!! A couple of Saturday nights ago my husband was watching football and I guess I was being a pest so he suggested that I play bingo....that is all it took! I signed up for the big game and when my G53 came up and my card turned red I started screaming for him. I was shocked!!! He came running and I showed him the card all the while screaming "I won, I won! He had no idea what I won so it was a really great surprise for him as well. The support people have been so helpful and accommodating and it is just a really fun place to play. I have tried other sites but never for more than a few games. I haven't found one I like as well. I wish everyone the happiest of holidays and the best 2007!"