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What a day May 22nd turned out to be...

What a day May 22nd turned out to be. I recently moved into another residence and got my internet turned back on the same day in the afternoon. After a very busy n' hectic day of moving,unpacking,etc., I decided to relax some by checking emails n' pay a few bills. One email was interesting from a friend with a dancing leprechaun. It stated something like if I pass it along to five people something nice would happen to me within 24 hours. Soooo, I thought why not do it. Then the phone rang and it was one of the people that I had sent the email to. They asked me if I really believe in it. I said we'll see. Then I almost forgot about the big game, so logged on to Cyber and purchased my cards, to my surprise, I split the $10K game winning $5K. Guess who I called back?? That money will come in very handy with furnishing my new place. I've said it before and now say it again, Cyber has given me many days of enjoyment and is the "Best" on-line site around. Thanks, AZDON44.