Dauber’s Vacation at CyberBingo!

Take a Vacation with Dauber and Win $/€50 Cash

Get ready to embark on a journey like no other as you play Dauber’s Vacation Adventure! This quest used to last a month, but we've added a new chapter to the story. You now have more opportunities to collect, more chances to win, and more moments to appreciate the excitement because we’re making this a weekly venture!

That’s right! Gather all six collectible items: Sunglasses, Suitcase, Beach Ball, Sun, Beach Towel and an image of Dauber himself each week throughout the month and win $/€50 Cash! Your mission begins each Saturday at 12:01am EDT and plays through Friday at 11:59pm EDT, giving you 4 chances to win throughout the month, once each week!

Special random $/€5,000 (min $/€25) Coverall Games will play each day throughout the weekly event (from Saturday through Friday) in the Nature Bingo Room to give you lots of chances to collect all 6 items. Once you've gathered the entire collection within any given week, Dauber will reward you with a fantastic $/€50 Cash prize!

Pack your bags and let the adventures begin!


Dauber’s Vacation Adventure - Gather all 6 collectibles each week by playing the special Coverall games and he will reward you with $/€50 Cash.


Dauber’s Vacation Adventure will play from Saturday at 12:01am EDT to Friday at 11:59pm EDT every week in September in the Nature Bingo Room.


Play and win the special $/€5,000 (min $/€25) Coverall games in the Nature Bingo Room each week. Gather all 6 special items and win $/€50 Cash.

Terms & Conditions:

• This promotion will play each week between 12:01am EDT on Saturday and 11:59pm EDT on Friday every week in September.

• Players will receive one collectible item by winning the special promotion games within the Nature Bingo Room.

• Players must collect all 6 different collectibles within the designated time frame to qualify for the reward (Sunglasses, Suitcase, Beach Ball, Sun, Beach Towel, and an image of Dauber himself).

• Any collectibles obtained from the previous week will be reset at 12:01am EDT each Saturday at 12:00am EDT.

• $/€50 Cash reward will be credited upon completion.

• Only active players who have funded their accounts in the previous 7 days are eligible to participate and qualify.

Website General Terms & Conditions Apply.