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Dazzling Prizes every game!

Dauber loves a little bit of bling, and his Diamond Bingo Tourney is filled with dazzling tourney prizes to be won every week. This exclusive Diamond Bingo Tourney plays from 6pm EDT till midnight EDT every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Diamond Bingo room with fantastic prizes awarded to the top 20 players every week.

Make it a bingo date with Dauber every week in the Diamond Bingo room and every time that you win one his Diamond Bingo games, you’ll receive a point towards that week’s Diamond Bingo Tourney. These exciting bingo games are filled with dazzling cash prizes and the more games that you win, the higher you will rank on the tournament leader board. With cash prizes of up to $/€500 for the top three winners and bingo bonus prizes for the remaining winners, there’s everything to play for when you add some sparkling bingo fun to your day!


Join in the dazzling bingo fun and excitement in our exclusive Diamond Bingo Tourney and win yourself one of 20 weekly prizes of up to $/€500 in cash.


Our Diamond Bingo games will be played between 6pm EDT and midnight EDT every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Diamond Bingo room.


Purchase your cards for our Diamond Bingo Tourney and every game could count. The more games you win, the higher you rank on the tourney leader board.

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st $/€ 500.00 Cash
2nd $/€ 250.00 Cash
3rd $/€ 150.00 Cash
4th $/€ 100.00 Bonus
5th $/€ 75.00 Bonus
6th - 10th $/€ 50.00 Bonus
11th - 15th $/€ 25.00 Bonus
16th - 20th $/€ 10.00 Bonus

Ranking Username Games Won Prize
1st pribilofs@CB 164.00 $€ 500.00 Cash
2nd momp73@CB 83.00 $€ 250.00 Cash
3rd mosey@CB 68.00 $€ 150.00 Cash
4th oopseybaby@CB 68.00 $€ 100.00 Bonus
5th kostadina10@CB 67.00 $€ 75.00 Bonus
6th cooper73@CB 61.00 $€ 50.00 Bonus
7th RoyRoger@CB 51.00 $€ 50.00 Bonus
8th brzee63@CB 47.00 $€ 50.00 Bonus
9th bingodott@CB 47.00 $€ 50.00 Bonus
10th rjdboo@CB 46.00 $€ 50.00 Bonus
11th yippie42@CB 43.00 $€ 25.00 Bonus
12th kathy6856@CB 41.00 $€ 25.00 Bonus
13th emeraldlady@CB 38.00 $€ 25.00 Bonus
14th FeelinFroggy@CB 38.00 $€ 25.00 Bonus
15th mimiof5lubs@CB 34.00 $€ 25.00 Bonus
16th milamg@CB 33.00 $€ 10.00 Bonus
17th chemad@CB 32.00 $€ 10.00 Bonus
18th cheche2258@CB 32.00 $€ 10.00 Bonus
19th CoffeeBreak@CB 30.00 $€ 10.00 Bonus
20th mirish56@CB 29.00 $€ 10.00 Bonus

Terms & Conditions

• The tournament plays between 6pm EDT (UTC-4) and midnight EDT (UTC-4) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week in May.

• Only one win will count from any bingo game.

• 1st – 3rd will receive their prize as cash. All other winners will receive their prize as Bingo bonus.

• 1st – 3rd will receive their prize as Cash. All other winners will receive their prize as Bingo Bonus.

• In the case of a tie between players in terms of bingo wins, the higher-ranking place will be awarded to the player ranking the amount of bingo wins first.

• Only active funded players who funded their accounts in the previous 7 days are eligible to participate.

• All bingo bonus prizes are subject to x40 wagering requirement.

Website General Terms & Conditions Apply.