Vol.10, No.2, January 06 - January 13, 2012

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Amounts taken on
January 06, 06:35 AM
Top 10 Winners

(Dec 29 - Jan 05, 2011)

ladyjane16 $193,478
Dollbaby53 $74,183
pipersro $67,580
tilemeq $58,123
Jaker $54,560
decborn65 $50,483
sallys $46,811
suzi q ak $45,745
im2lucky $38,200

Winnings are based on overall aggregate winnings in the above specified date range.

500% Bonus Blowout

500% Bonus Blowout

Explode your account with additional funds from CyberBingo! Deposit $100 or more this Saturday January 7th and you'll get an amazing 500% bonus.

Please note: All deposits under $100 will receive the regular funding bonus. This offer is only valid for current players. New players are entitled to the first deposit funding bonus. No exceptions or extensions can be granted.

The Classic Slots Tourney

The Classic Slots Tourney

We're bringing that old-school vibe back! Our all-new Classic Slots Tourney will kick off on January 16th until January 22nd.

The Top 10 players to win the most throughout the week, will receive an additional prize of up to $500 in cash. So come on over, just pull the handle and spin! More Info

Double Number

Christmas Eve bingo Party

Bingo on any double number (ex: 11, 22, 33 etc.) on Wednesday January 11th from 2pm-8pm ET in our New Year Bingo Room and you will be receive 10BBs.

All players have to send an email to chatadmin, and if confirmed as double number winners, they will receive credit within 24 hrs. Terms & Conditions Apply

New Games in our B90 Room

Christmas Day Max Games

Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 3PM-9PM ET in our Budget Bingo 90 Room, as we will play Free Guaranteed $5/$10/$20 Games as Top of the Hour, Multi-Part Games and Full House Games. Our all new Starting Games, will have pots starting from $5, $10, or $25, which will grow higher according to players' wagers.

Also, if you can't make it on any of these days, pre-orders are now available from our Game Lobby. This way, you'll still be in for a chance to win great prizes even if you are not online! Enjoy!

Bingo Free Roll

Bingo Free Roll

For all of you who want to enjoy some free bingo and still be awarded with amazing prizes, our Bingo Free Roll Room is open every day from 4PM ET until late, and from 12PM ET onwards during weekends.

Also, do not miss our $1,000 FREE Bingo games which you can play with us every Friday at 11PM ET, in our Tourney Room. Good Luck! More info