Vol.11, No.6, February 8 - February 15, 2013

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Amounts taken on
February 8, 06:00 AM
Top 10 Winners

(Feb 1 - Feb 7, 2013)

filicheez $161,517.31
akall07 $89,147.34
Miss Galahad $84,229.27
Jaker $71,640.23
cheche2258 $53,469.36
luckylin $53,129.38
mlewis $49,901.10
pinaycana $46,435.48
jrwheels $40,441.17
tigersmom $38,636.40

Winnings are based on overall
aggregate winnings in the above
specified date range.

Valentine's Surprise Games

Valentine's Surprise Games

Don't we have a surprise for you! On Saturday February 9th we'll be playing the Valentine's Surprise Games in the Budget Bingo 90 Room!

Come on by and give these games a try! We'll have a randomly changing pot ranging between $10 and $100 with each call and you just might get lucky!

The games will play once an hour from 3pm until 9pm ET! More Info

200% Bonus Rush

200% Bonus Rush

Get a massive 200% Bonus as soon as you deposit $100 or more every Wednesday & Saturday throughout February.

Please note: This offer is only valid for players who have made 4 or more deposits since the date of registration. All deposits under $100 will receive the regular funding bonus. New players are entitled to the first deposit funding bonus.

No exceptions or extensions can be granted.

Buy 6 Cards and Get 3 Free!

Buy 6 Cards and Get 3 Free!

We've brought you the first ever Buy 6 Cards and Get 3 FREE Promotion taking place in the Valentine's Bingo Room! This promotion will be for all pari mutuel games playing from 6pm ET until midnight every day!

All you have to do is select a total of 9 cards of your choice and you'll only be paying for 6 and it doesn't end there! You can buy 12 cards and get 6 FREE, you can also buy 18 cards and get 9 FREE and the list goes on!

Give this promotion a shot, Buy 6 Cards and Get 3 FREE!

Cupid's $1,000 Arrows

Cupid's $1,000 Arrows

Look out for Cupid's $1,000 Arrows! This promotion is our big Valentine's Day special and will be held in the Valentine's Bingo Room on Thursday February 14th starting at 9pm ET.

These will be three $1,000 Guaranteed Games playing as top of the hour games at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm ET.

Try out our Cupid's Arrow Bingo pattern when playing Cupid's $1,000 Arrows! Enjoy the game! More Info

"B" My Bingo Valentine

B My Bingo Valentine

Bingo on B14 when playing the "B" My Bingo Valentine Chat Game. This chat special will take place in the Valentine's Bingo Room on Thursday February 14th from 8am until 12am ET.

Play this chat special and you can win 14BBs! Once you Bingo on B14 send an email to chatadmin@cyberbingo.com and include your alias and game number.

Enjoy our Valentine's Day chat special! More Info