Vol.9, No.17, april 24-may1, 2013

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Big Bingo Event

 The Big Bingo Event

Are you ready for The Big Bingo Event? Pre-book your cards before Saturday April 27th so you can take part in The Big Bingo Event which will be the usual straight $10,000 Guaranteed Game.

The Big Bingo Event will take place in the Bingo Tourney Room but will begin with three, $1,000 Guaranteed Games from 8pm ET, running as Top of the Hour Games until The Big Bingo Event begins at 11pm ET.

Join us and see if you'll be this month's lucky $10,000 Winner!

200% Bonus Rush

200% Bonus Rush

Get a massive 200% Bonus as soon as you deposit $100 or more every Monday and Thursday.

Please note: This offer is only valid for players who have made 4 or more deposits since the date of registration. All deposits under $100 will receive the regular funding bonus. New players are entitled to the first deposit funding bonus.

No exceptions or extensions can be granted.

Bring it "ON"

Bring it “ON”

Bring it “ON” will commence on Tuesday April 30th from 6pm - 9pm ET.

To play this chat special, come to the Diamond Room and if you bingo on any number under the O's or N's you'll win some extra BB's!

You can win between 5BB's and 10BB's when you play the Bring it “ON” chat special!

$50 Starting Mega Morning

$50 Starting Mega Morning

They say the early bird catches the worm - so for all you early birds out there, try out our $50 Starting Mega Morning Games!

4 Hours of bingo madness every day in the Spring Bingo Room from 12am - 4am ET.

These are one-part games with pots starting at $50 and increasing over time!

Here at BingoSKY we give you daily opportunities to win real cash!

High or Low

High or Low $100/$25

The Bingo Free Roll Room is definitely the place to be. The room is open from Monday - Thursday from 4pm - 1am ET and from Friday to Sunday from 12pm - 1am ET.

Play our High or Low $100/$25 Games which take place every hour!

Check out our game schedule for more information on other games playing in the Bingo Free Roll Room.

Progressive Jackpots - 24/4/2013

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