Vol.11, No.33, August 16- August 23, 2013

CyberBingo - News

Betty Boop's Guaranteed Game

Betty Boop's got her usual tricks up her sleeve! Stop by the Budget Bingo 90 Room on Saturday August 17th and play Betty Boop's Guaranteed Game of $500 for ONLY $0.50c a ticket - Remember, you can Buy 8 tickets and Get ..... Read More.

Celebrity Bingo Week Tournament

We've got a whole new Room with the latest technology in the Seasonal Summer Room waiting for you on Monday August 19th so prepare yourself for a better Bingo experience! Try out our upcoming Celebrity Bingo Week Tournament in the Summer Bingo Room from Monday August 19th... Read More.

Evening Special

Our delightful Evening Special in the Classic Room every day from 8pm ET until midnight offers a special Top of the Hour Game of $5,000 Coverall minimum $50, pari-mutuel games, and Mid Hour Games.

Green Ball

Bingo on a Green Ball on Monday August 19th in the Summer Bingo Room and you'll get 10BB's, also don't forget every THURSDAY for the entire month of August in the Classic Room we're playing Bingo or NO Bingo ...Read More.

200% Bonus Rush

Get a massive 200% Bonus as soon as you deposit $100 or more every Wednesday and Saturday. Bonus offers are only valid for players who have made 3 or more deposits since the date of registration. No exceptions or extensions can be granted.

Progressive Jackpots
Summer Bingo Room Classic Room Bingo 90 Room Tourney Room
Summer Bingo Room Tourney Room Budget Bingo 90 Tourney Room
$6,799 $4,273 $1,407.71 $13,141
Pack & Line Room USA Bingo Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
Pack & Line Room USA Bingo Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
$229 $13,124 $13,103 $13,101
Jackpot Video Slots
Pack & Line Room