Vol.11, No.43, October 24 - October 31, 2013

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Cruise your way with $10,000 Guaranteed

Cruise in luxury as you take in the wonders of the world. Whether you like to relax or join in the many activities, a luxury cruise allows you to do things your way. Our $10,000 Guaranteed game gives you the chance to get away from it all and plan the perfect cruise.

This month's Big Bingo Event - Cruise your way with $10,000 Guaranteed game will play in the Bingo Tourney Room on Saturday October 26th. Starting with 3 warm up games of $1,000 Guaranteed at 8pm ET, the $10,000 Guaranteed game will play at 11pm ET.

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Halloween Host Contest

Grab some extra treats this Halloween by winning bingo, collecting treats, and trading them in for some big BBs and trick Bertha. Each letter you bingo on contains an amount of treats. The more treats you collect, the more BBs you can win.

This special will take place in our Halloween Bingo Room on Tuesday October 29th, Wednesday October 30th, and Thursday October 31st, from 8am-12am ET each day.
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Starting Lunchtime Special

There's great fun to be had every day from 12pm to 4pm ET in the Classic Room. Every hour will start with our Top of the Hour $1,000 coverall game, followed by our great $10, $25 and $35 starting games. With cards as low as 25c, this is a great way to make lunchtimes special...Read More

Starting $5 Game

We have games of all prices and prizes! Come on over to the Budget Bingo 90 Room every Saturday and Sunday from 3pm - 9pm ET and play our Starting $5 Game at only 5c a ticket!

Enjoy our Full House B90 Games with a Starting Pot of $5, and gradually increasing.

Aztec Treasure

CyberBingo proudly present another great game, exclusive to our players. Spin your way over to our mini games today, and start playing the all new Aztec Treasure mini slots ...LIVE NOW!!!

200% Bonus Rush

Get a massive 200% Bonus as soon as you deposit $100 or more every Saturday and Wednesday. Bonus offers are only valid for players who have made 3 or more deposits since the date of registration. No exceptions or extensions can be granted.

Progressive Jackpots
Halloween Bingo Room Classic Room Bingo 90 Room Tourney Room
Halloween Bingo Room Tourney Room Budget Bingo 90 Tourney Room
£4,945 £2,898 £879 £9,434
Pack & Line Room USA Bingo Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
Pack & Line Room USA Bingo Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
£81.45 £9,478 £9,513 £9,512
Jackpot Video Slots
Pack & Line Room