Vol.12, No.10, March 07 - March 13, 2014

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Betty Boop's $500 Guaranteed

Spring is in the air and this month Betty Boop is giving the birds something to sing about as she brings us her fantastic $500 Guaranteed game.

With a fabulous cash prize to be won, join in the fun and excitement of the Betty Boop $500 Guaranteed Game on Saturday March 8th at 5pm ET in the Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 Room With tickets to this great game only 50c each, and a guaranteed cash prize to be won, make sure that you pre order yours now!

Buy 8 Tickets and Get 4 Free. That's right! Buy 8 tickets for Betty's great game and she will give you another 4 tickets absolutely free. This great offer is guaranteed to put a spring in your step... Read More

Double Numbers

The early bird definitely catches the worm with these Mega Morning Games in the Spring Bingo Room. Our chat hosts have a day filled with fantastic Double Number chat games on Monday March 10th. Join in the fun from 8am - 12am ET in any Bingo room and if you bingo on any Double Number (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66) you can be rewarded extra BBs!

On every game played during this timeframe, if you bingo on any Double Number, simply email to collect your free BBs...Read More

Bungee Bingo

Are you ready to dive headlong into our all new Bungee Bingo games?

The pot will start at a fantastic $1,000 and with each number called it will plunge its way down until it reaches $100. True to its name, this is Bungee Bingo and the pot will then fly all the way back up until it hits $1,000!

These exciting new games will play every hour in the Spring Bingo Room on Thursday March 13th from 6pm until 11pm ET. Our incredible Bungee Bingo games take bingo to a new level of excitement!...Read More

$10 Starting Speedies

Start the day off with these incredible $10 Starting Speed games in the Spring Bingo Room between 4am and 7am ET.

Keep up with the caller as the pots and the fun increase... Read More

High or Low Breakfast Treat

Join us in the Classic Room every day between 8am ET and 12pm ET as we give you a High or Low Breakfast Treat. Buy any 6 cards and we will give you another 3 absolutely Free! All you have to do is select 9 cards and you will only be charged for 6... Read More

200% Bonus Rush

Get a massive 200% Bonus as soon as you deposit $100 or more every Saturday and Wednesday..

Bonus offers are only valid for players who have made 3 or more deposits since the date of registration.

No exceptions or extensions can be granted.

Progressive Jackpots
Spring Bingo Room Classic Room Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 Room Tourney Room
Spring Bingo Room Classic Room Candy Frenzy Bingo Room Tourney Room
$3,222 $3,168 $1,578 $20,862
Pack & Line Room USA Bingo Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
Pack & Line Room USA Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
$198 $20,862 $20,894 $20,892
Jackpot Video Slots
Pack & Line Room

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