Vol.12, No.15, April 11 - April 17, 2014

CyberBingo - News

Rollercoaster Bingo

This is the Rollercoaster ride of a lifetime with cash prizes of up to $500 waiting to be won. So climb onboard in the Spring Bingo Room on Wednesday April 16th from 6pm EDT to play our Rollercoaster Bingo games. These fantastic prizes will rise and fall with every drop, so strap yourself in and hold on tight... Read More

'15' Special

Tuesday April 15th sees us playing our '15' Special chat game in the Spring Bingo Room. All you have to do is Bingo on a number that ends in either a '1' or '5' and you could be winning extra BB's! This fantastic chat game plays from 8am till midnight, so join our great chat hosts and join in the fun on Tuesday April 15th...Read More

$10,000 Coverall Minimum $100

The Diamond Room is everyone's best friend with our $10,000 Coverall Minimum $100 games! Join us any day between Sunday and Thursday from 6pm until 2am EDT. These games play twice an hour so make sure you don't miss your chance to win big in these fantastic games... Read More

Starting Lunchtime Special

There's great fun to be had every day from 12pm to 4pm ET in the Classic Room. Every hour will start with our Top of the Hour $1,000 coverall game, followed by our great $10, $25 and $35 starting games. With cards as low as 25c, this is a great way to make lunchtimes special... Read More

Congratulations Travelagent

Well done to 'Travelagent' who won herself $10,000 in our Big Bingo Event - The $13,000 Spring Sweep in March. It just goes to show that you could be the next big winner here at CyberBingo, all you need is a little help from Hope. Make sure to purchase your cards for the $13,000 Guaranteed Money Train on Saturday April 26th and you could be our next big winner! ... Read More

200% Bonus Rush

Get a massive 200% Bonus as soon as you deposit $100 or more every Saturday and Wednesday.

Bonus offers are only valid for players who have made 3 or more deposits since the date of registration.

No exceptions or extensions can be granted... Read More

Progressive Jackpots
Spring Bingo Room Classic Room Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 Room Tourney Room
Spring Bingo Room Classic Room Candy Frenzy Bingo Room Tourney Room
$3,860 $3,433 $1,607 $22,080
Pack & Line Room USA Bingo Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
Pack & Line Room USA Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
$152 $22,158 $22,223 $22,222
Jackpot Video Slots
Pack & Line Room