Vol.12, No.18, May 02 - May 08, 2014

CyberBingo - News

Betty Boop's $500 Guaranteed

It's time to jump into the fun and excitement of Betty Boop's $500 Guaranteed game on Saturday May 3rd. Playing in the Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 Room at 5pm EDT, this game is guaranteed to be filled with fun. Don't miss Betty's incredible Buy 8 Get 4 Free offer on tickets to this great game.... Read More

WTG Karman

A huge WTG to Karman who won himself a fantastic $10,000 cash last weekend, read how great it feels... "Wow, just can't hardly believe it. I'm Karman and Cyberbingo.Com is the only bingo site I'll ever play on. Have been playing on this site for..."Read More

'B' or 'O' Bingo

We've got an incredible chat game special for you on Monday May 5th, 'B' or 'O' Bingo. Every time you bingo on a number under a 'B' or 'O between 8am and midnight EDT you could be winning extra BBs. Make sure that you don't miss this great chat special and free BBs.... Read More

Cinco de Mayo $5,000 Guaranteed

It's time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an incredible $5,000 Guaranteed in cash prizes. This great event plays in the Spring Bingo Room on Monday May 5th from 5pm EDT, so make sure that you don't miss the party by pre ordering your cards today!... Read More

The Sunday Raffle

Are you playing in our fabulous Sunday Raffle? Every time you fund your account with $100 or more on any Sunday in May, we will give you a free entry to the Sunday Raffle where you could win an incredible Windows Surface Tablet to play your favorite games from anywhere you wish!... Read More

Multi Bingo Fiesta

It's Fiesta Time! These fantastic games play every day from 1pm - 4pm EDT in the Spring Bingo Room. With 3 chances to win for only 35c a card, what are you waiting for? Join in the Multi-Bingo Fiesta as we play these great games every day of the week... Read More

$5,000 Coffee Mug Special

It's time for a Coffee Mug Special every day in the CyberBingo Classic room. These great $5,000 minimum $50 games play every day at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm EDT, so sit back and enjoy your morning coffee with our incredible $5,000 Coffee Mug Specials!... Read More

200% Bonus Rush

Get a massive 200% Bonus as soon as you deposit $100 or more every Saturday and Wednesday.Bonus offers are only valid for players who have made 3 or more deposits since the date of registration.

No exceptions or extensions can be granted... Read More

Progressive Jackpots
Spring Bingo Room Classic Room Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 Room Tourney Room
Spring Bingo Room Classic Room Candy Frenzy Bingo Room Tourney Room
$4,246 $3,545 $1,623 $22,882
Pack & Line Room USA Bingo Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
Pack & Line Room USA Room Diamond Bingo Room Bingo Freeroll
$182 $22,953 $23,014 $23,009
Jackpot Video Slots
Pack & Line Room

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