Vol.13, No.48, November 27 - December 03, 2015

Black Friday Special

Black Friday Special

For incredible Black Friday bingo deals, look no further than our Autumn Bingo room and our $4,000 Black Friday Special. Starting at 8pm ET we will play four (4) top of the hour High or Low $1,000/ $100 bingo games. That's up to an incredible $4,000 in cash prizes that must be won on Black Friday!

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Sweet November

Sweet November $13,000 Guaranteed Event

The Sweet November $13,000 Guaranteed Event plays in the Bingo Tourney room on Saturday November 28th and is sure to create more big winners as we give away $13,000 in guaranteed cash prizes. Join in the Big Bingo excitement from 8pm ET and you could win $10,000 cash in the big game.

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Play Bingo on the go

Join in the mobile bingo fun today and play bingo on the go from your mobile. Now you can enjoy the great bingo you love when you play from your mobile phone. Log in to purchase your cards, watch them play and join in the chat fun to celebrate your wins no matter where you play.

The Pack & Line Games

The Pack & Line Games

Good things come in small sizes especially with these small bingo patterns because you'll be walking away with BIG prizes! Join us every day from 9am until 1pm ET and again from 7pm until 11pm ET in the Pack & Line Room and enjoy playing our Pack & Line Games with a special card offer of Buy 3 Get 2 free on all games.

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Mystery Ball

Mystery Ball

Our Mystery Ball chat game fun means fantastic free BBs for you and a roomie when you join the fun in the Christmas Bingo room between 8pm and midnight ET on Tuesday December 1st. Win a bingo game and you can select a roomie to choose your mystery ball number and both be rewarded with chat game BBs.

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$1,000 Coverall

Our $1,000 Coverall min $25 games play every day in the CyberBingo Classic Room. These great coverall games keep the fun coming along with fantastic cash prizes for a low card cost. Make sure to play in the CyberBingo Classic Room every day for incredible games and cash prizes.

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Special Funding Bonuses

We have an incredible Special Funding bonus waiting for you every day of the week. You'll always get more bang for your buck every time you fund your account and with No Wagering Requirements, we won't make you jump through hoops to receive your winnings, everything you win is yours to keep.

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