Vol.14, No.7, February 12 - February 18, 2016

Guaranteed Cupid's Arrows

$4,000 Guaranteed Cupid's Arrows

Love is in the air and fabulous cash prizes are waiting to be won in our $4,000 Guaranteed Cupid's Arrows event in the Valentine Bingo room on Valentine's Day. Playing from 8pm ET, we let loose Cupid's bow and play for fantastic cash prizes of $1,000 every game as we share the bingo love.

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Canada Flag Max Games

Canada Flag Max Games

Get ready for incredible bingo fun with fantastic cash prizes to be won on Monday February 15th as we celebrate National Flag of Canada Day in the Valentine Bingo room. Join us from 8pm ET and enjoy two hours filled with max bingo fun playing for incredible prizes in our exciting Canada Flag Max Games.

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My Bingo Valentine

"B" My Bingo Valentine

Will you be our bingo valentine and win yourself free BBs? Join us for chat game fun and excitement in any of our bingo rooms between 8am and midnight ET on Sunday February 14th and if you bingo on the number "14", you could be our lucky bingo valentine and win yourself free valentine BBs.

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Valentine Bingo Tourney

Valentine Bingo Tourney

Share the bingo love between Feb 8th and Feb 21st as we play for $3,000 in prizes in our Valentine's Bingo Tourney. Our special Valentine bingo games will play once an hour and the more games you win, the higher the prize as you climb our tourney leaderboard to win $1,000 as our tourney winner.

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Valentine Slots Tourney

Valentine Slots Tourney

The Valentine's Slots tourney is a slot lover's delight as we play for $3,000 in prizes. Playing from February 8th till February 21st, our action packed Valentine's Slot Tourney awards fantastic prizes of up to $1,000 to the top 20 players who spin and win the most playing our selected Valentine's Slots.

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Coffee Mug Special

$5,000 Coffee Mug Special

It's time for a Coffee Mug Special every day in the CyberBingo Classic room. These great $5,000 minimum $50 games play every day at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm ET, so sit back and enjoy your morning coffee with our incredible $5,000 Coffee Mug Specials!

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Special Funding Bonuses

Special Funding Bonuses

We have an incredible Special Funding bonus waiting for you every day of the week. You'll always get more bang for your buck every time you fund your account and with No Wagering Requirements, we won't make you jump through hoops to receive your winnings, everything you win is yours to keep.

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