Vol.15, No.20, May 19 - May 25, 2017

Spring Bingo Sale

Spring Bingo Sale

Everyone loves a great sale and our incredible Spring Bingo Sale on Friday May 19th is the sale of the month, a bingo sale that you won't want to miss out on. Join your roomies from 9pm EDT to enjoy an hour filled with incredible bingo fun and excitement and fabulous cash prizes to be won.

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Trivia Chat Fun

Trivia Chat Fun

We are bringing trivia fun to your evening on Tuesday May 23rd in the Spring Bingo room as we play for the chance to win fantastic BBs in our Trivia Chat Game Special. Join in the fun between 4pm And midnight EDT and your chat host will ask random Trivia questions for your chance to be a winner.

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Big Bingo Event

Big Bingo Event

Pre-order your cards for the biggest Bingo event of the month on Saturday May 27th and play for huge cash prizes. The big bingo fun starts at 8pm EDT in the Bingo Tourney room with 3 incredible $1,000 warm up games. At 11pm ET, it Big Bingo time as we play for a massive cash prize of up to $50,000!

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May Bingo Tourney

May Bingo Tourney

Make time for incredible bingo fun every day in May as we play for fabulous prizes in our exciting May Bingo tourney. Every hour of every day in the Spring Bingo room we will play one of our special May Bingo Tourney games. The more games you win, the bigger the prize of up to $1,000 cash.

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Mini Games Tourney

Mini Games Tourney

Join in the Mini Games fun in May for a chance to win a share of $3,000 in prizes in our Mini Games tourney. Playing from May 1st till May 28th, the more you win, the higher you climb up the leader board to be one of 20 players who will fantastic prizes of up to $1,000 cash for our tourney winner.

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Cruise Giveaway

Cruise Giveaway

Sail away this year on the Ultimate Bingo Cruise and play for a chance to become the World Champion of Bingo. Our amazing Cruise Giveaway could see you and a friend enjoying a once in a lifetime, all-inclusive Caribbean Bingo cruise where you can play to become the World Champion of Bingo!

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Wednesday Spin Booster

Wednesday Spin Booster

Boost your fun with a special Wednesday Spin booster on Wednesdays in May. Fund your account with a deposit of $50 or more and you'll receive 20 free spins to play our tasty Honey Money slot on top of your regular bonus. You can claim this incredible offer up to 5 times every Wednesday!

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New Slot Release

New Slot Release

Dive into the fruity slot action when you spin the reels on our new Horn of Plenty-Spin 16 video slot. This 5-reel. 50-line slot is filled with exciting ways to win and includes Spin 16, a feature that lets you spin the reels in any direction and offers a multiplier match game that can boost your wins by x10!

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