Vol.15, No.33, Aug 18 - Aug 24, 2017

21st Birthday Bash

21st Birthday Bash

It's our 21st Birthday and everyone's invited to join in the birthday bingo fun as we play for fabulous cash prizes in our 21st Birthday Bash! Playing in the USA bingo room from 8pm EDT on Monday August 21st, there's an evening filled with Birthday Bash bingo games and amazing cash prizes to be won.

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Cruise Giveaway

Cruise Giveaway

Last call for our amazing Cruise giveaway! It's your last chance to claim tickets to win the bingo cruise of a lifetime. Entries close on Sunday August 20th, so make sure you have your tickets and you could be enjoying a once in a lifetime, all-inclusive Caribbean Bingo cruise courtesy of CyberBingo.

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Big Game - Spin 16

Big Game - Spin 16

Take an adventure across the plains of wild Africa with Big Game - Spin 16, our new and exciting 5-reel slot and it's anybody's guess who you might run into. With wilds, scatters and amazing Spin 16 features that bring you more ways to win, discover incredible slot fun on the plains of the Savannah.

Sweet 21st Bingo Tourney

Sweet 21st Bingo Tourney

To celebrate 21 years of fantastic bingo fun, we're giving away a fabulous $4,000 in guaranteed prizes to the top 50 players in our Sweet 21st Bingo Tourney. Join in the birthday bingo fun every day in the Summer bingo and you could be celebrating our 21st birthday with a first prize of $1,000 in cash!

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21 Special

"21" Special

Join in the 21st birthday celebrations in chat between 8am and midnight EDT in any bingo room on Monday August 21st and you could be a winner in our exciting "21" special chat game. If you win any bingo game on our lucky "I21", you could be winning a fabulous 21st birthday treat of 21 BBs!

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21 Year Anniversary  Slots Tourney

21 Year Anniversary Slots Tourney

Our Anniversary Slots Tourney is filled with fantastic slot action and amazing prizes to be won. Join in the 21-year celebrations playing any or all of our selected tourney slots throughout August and you can spin your way to the top of the leaderboard and fabulous prizes of up to $1,000 to be won.

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Sparkling Bingo Special

Sparkling Bingo Special

Add some glitz, glamour and sparkle to your Thursday nights in August as we play for dazzling cash prizes in our Sparkling Bingo Special. Playing from 7pm till 9pm EDT every Thursday night in the Diamond Bingo room, our Sparkling Bingo Special games are sure to brighten up your Thursday nights.

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