Vol.17, No.38, Sep 20 - Sep 26, 2019

Win Big

Win Big

At CyberBingo we love to see our players winning big and our special bingo promotions bring you even more chances to be a winner. There's nothing better than the excitement of daubing your card for the big games and getting ready to yell "Bingo" as your card turns red. Join in the bingo fun and you could be our next big winner with huge cash prizes to be won every day of the week.

What will you spend your winnings on?

  • Diamond encrusted Jeans - $10,000
  • A Waterproof Pool Table - $6,500
  • An expensive 'Salvatore's Legacy' cocktail - $8,830
  • A BBQ grill shaped like a giant gun - $7,500
  • A water thrusting jet bike - $9,000
  • A rocking chair bed - $6,500

You need to be in it to win it! Pre order your cards for our Big Bingo Event on Saturday, September 28th and start dreaming up ways to spend the big prize of $10,000 in cash!

Bingo Fun
Pirate Bingo Tourney

Pirate Bingo Tourney

Get ready for a storm of Pirate Bingo fun and excitement every weekend in our Pirates Bingo Tourneys. With a total of $1,000 in fabulous prizes to be won by the top 20 players each week, join in the Pirate Bingo fun between Friday and Sunday to claim your share of the Pirate Booty!

Pirate Bingo Fun
Chatty Nabors

Chatty Nabors

Get chatty in chat on Monday, September 23rd and your chatty nabors could be winning you fabulous chat game BBS. Join in the chat game fun from 6pm EDT in the Autumn Bingo room and when someone in chat gets bingo, the nabor above and below the winner's name could be chat game winners.

Chat Game Fun
Mystical Free Spins

Mystical Free Spins

Set forth on a fantasy slot adventure and enter a world of magical fun with Mystical Free Spins. We're filling your month with mystical slot action when you make your first deposit of the day of $30 or more on any Tuesday or Sunday in September and select to receive our Universal bonus!/p> Magical Spins

Catapult Bingo

Catapult Bingo

Aim high playing Catapult bingo every Tuesday night between 9pm and 10pm EDT in the Seasonal Bingo room as we play for fantastic cash prizes of up to $500 every game. These fun filled bingo games see the cash pot rise with every number called but be quick before it comes back down again.

Catapult Bingo
Pirate Riches Slots Tourney

Pirate Riches Slots Tourney

Take to the seas in search of Pirate treasure every week between Monday and Thursday in September as we award an amazing $4,000 of prizes in our Pirate Riches Slots Tourneys. Spin the reels on our action-packed selection of tourney slots and one lucky spin could win you $300 in cash!

Win Pirate Riches
Big Bingo Event

Big Bingo Event

Do you have your plan for how you will spend the $10,000 cash prize in our Big Bingo Event on Saturday, September 28th? Well you have to be in it to win it, so why not pre order your cards today for the Biggest Bingo games of the month and you could be winning the top prize of $10,000 cash.

Win Big
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