Vol.19, No.8, Feb 19 - Feb 25, 2021

Fun Day Bingo

Fun Day Bingo

Fabulous February is offering up more big bingo wins. Our Fun Day Bingo event is on Sunday, February 21st and kicks off at 7pm EST. Our 2 hours of bingo fun includes top of the hour Coverall games along with supreme Bingo games which have a fantastic prize pot that just keeps on growing.

Make it a Fun Day!
Terrific Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday

Every Tuesday this February is a bonus boosting Terrific Tuesday. That's right, we're boosting your first deposit of the day with a whopping bonus of 250% or 500% when you make a qualifying deposit. Make sure your deposit is a minimum of $50 to receive this fantastic Universal bonus!

Bonus Booster!
Fruity Slots Tourney

Fruity Slots Tourney

Our Fruity Slots Tourney is taking place from Monday to Thursday each week in February. Get spinning on our carefully selected fruit-themed slots and you could win up to $500 cash. The top 20 players will get a piece of the $1500 prize pool, so try your luck in the month of love!

Fruity Slot Action!
Romantic Bingo Tourney

Romantic Bingo Tourney

Grab a glass of wine and come and mingle in our Romantic Bingo Tourney this February. It will take place each weekend from Friday till Sunday in the Valentine's Bingo room. With a top prize of $1,000, the top 50 players will each grab themselves a piece of the weekly prize pool!

Romantic Fun!
Seesaw Nabors Special

Seesaw Nabors Special

On Tuesday, February 23rd, from 6pm EST until Midnight EST, in the Valentine's Bingo Room, join us for our Seesaw Nabors special. When a player in chat gets bingo, the 2 players above and the 2 players below could be winning chat games BBs depending on if the number is odd or even.

Chat Special
Slot Lovers Challenge

Slot Lovers Challenge

Each weekend in February we've got our Slot Lovers Challenge on the go. Take up these seven tasks on seven different Mobilots slots, complete them and you'll earn yourself a $75 cash prize. Play every week for a chance to walk away with $300 cash by the end of the month!

Weekend Mission!
Dazzling Free Spins

Dazzling Free Spins

Each Sunday, make a first deposit of the day and we're going to give you free spins to use on Diamond Bar by Mobilots. The number of spins you get depends on the size of your deposit and can be up to 300! So grab yourself some extra winning chances when you fund your account on every Sunday in February.

Sparkling Spins!
Diamond Cashback

Diamond Cashback

Our Diamond Cashback is here and it's all about helping you get ahead. Each Wednesday throughout February, if you wager $25 or more in the Diamond Bingo room, we're going to give you a $10 free play cashback bonus. And it doesn't matter if you win or lose - you'll get it anyway!

Cashback Bingo!
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