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CyberBingo Sweet 20th Birthday Bingo Tourney

Happy Birthday!

It’s our 20th Birthday and everyone’s invited to join in the Birthday Bingo fun in August as we celebrate by giving away a fabulous $4,000 in guaranteed prizes to the top 50 players in our CyberBingo Sweet 20th Birthday Bingo Tourney!

The CyberBingo Sweet 20th Birthday celebrations can be found every day in the CyberBingo Summer Bingo room throughout August. Starting from August 1st, every hour of the day we will play one of our special CyberBingo Sweet 20th Birthday Bingo Tourney games. Each time you win one of these special tourney bingo games, you will be credited with one (1) tourney point and the more points that you collect between August 1st and August 31st, the higher you climb up our tourney leaderboard towards the fabulous first prize of $1,000 cash.

More Winners

We’re guaranteeing more winners in our CyberBingo Sweet 20th Birthday Bingo Tourney with a massive $4,000 in fabulous prizes to be won by the top 50 players. With cards costing only $0.50 a card and up to $1,000 in cash to be won as our tourney winner, join in the Birthday Celebrations with us at CyberBingo for more chances to be a winner in the CyberBingo Sweet 20th Birthday Bingo Tourney.

Tournament Winners - Wednesday March 1st ~ Friday March 31st

Place Username Total Games Prize Description
1 [email protected] 23 $1,000.00 1st Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
2 [email protected] 21 $500.00 2nd Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
3 [email protected] 20 $350.00 3rd Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
4 [email protected] 19 $250.00 4th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
5 [email protected] 16 $150.00 5th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
6 Canada [email protected] 13 $75.00 6th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
7 [email protected] 11 $75.00 7th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
8 [email protected] 11 $75.00 8th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
9 [email protected] 11 $75.00 9th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
10 [email protected] 11 $75.00 10th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
11 [email protected] 11 $50.00 11th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
12 [email protected] 10 $50.00 12th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
13 [email protected] 9 $50.00 13th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
14 [email protected] 8 $50.00 14th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
15 [email protected] 8 $50.00 15th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
16 [email protected] 8 $25.00 16th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
17 [email protected] 8 $25.00 17th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
18 [email protected] 8 $25.00 18th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
19 [email protected] 8 $25.00 19th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney
20 [email protected] 7 $25.00 20th Place - Spring Bingo Tourney


Ranking Prize Balance
1st $1,000 Cash
2nd $500 Cash
3rd $350 Cash
4th $250 Cash
5th $150 Cash
6th $75 Free Play Bonus
7th $75 Free Play Bonus
8th $75 Free Play Bonus
9th $75 Free Play Bonus
10th $75 Free Play Bonus
11th $50 Free Play Bonus
12th $50 Free Play Bonus
13th $50 Free Play Bonus
14th $50 Free Play Bonus
15th $50 Free Play Bonus
16th $50 Free Play Bonus
17th $50 Free Play Bonus
18th $50 Free Play Bonus
19th $50 Free Play Bonus
20th $50 Free Play Bonus
21st $50 Free Play Bonus
22nd $50 Free Play Bonus
23rd $50 Free Play Bonus
24th $50 Free Play Bonus
25th $50 Free Play Bonus
26th $25 Free Play Bonus
27th $25 Free Play Bonus
28th $25 Free Play Bonus
29th $25 Free Play Bonus
30th $25 Free Play Bonus
31th $25 Free Play Bonus
32th $25 Free Play Bonus
33th $25 Free Play Bonus
34th $25 Free Play Bonus
35th $25 Free Play Bonus
36th $25 Free Play Bonus
37th $25 Free Play Bonus
38th $25 Free Play Bonus
39th $25 Free Play Bonus
40th $25 Free Play Bonus
41st $25 Free Play Bonus
42nd $25 Free Play Bonus
43rd $25 Free Play Bonus
44th $25 Free Play Bonus
45th $25 Universal Bonus
46th $25 Free Play Bonus
47th $25 Free Play Bonus
48th $25 Free Play Bonus
49th $25 Free Play Bonus
50th $25 Free Play Bonus

Join in the biggest Birthday celebrations every day at CyberBingo from August 1st till August 31st to be one of 50 lucky players to win a share of $4,000!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only wins on the special Birthday patterns in the Summer Bingo room will count towards winning the Tournament
  • Only wins within the time frame of the Tournament will count towards winning the Tournament (Monday, August 1 at 12:00AM EDT until Wednesday, August 31 at 11:59PM EDT)
  • Only Active funding players who have funded their account at least once in the last 30 days are eligible to participate in this Tournament.
  • Only the top 5 places ranking will receive their prize in cash… rankings from 6th to 50th will receive their prize in Free Play Bonus
  • In the case of a tie between players in terms of Bingo wins, the higher ranking place will be awarded to the player reaching the amount of Bingo wins first. Other players who reach the same amount after, will be awarded the next ranking in line.
  • General Website Rules Apply