April Fool Bingo April Fool Bingo April Fool Bingo

April Fool Bingo

Join in the April Fool Fun every Thursday!

No, it's not a prank; we really are offering up some exciting April Fool Bingo games this year. This April, April Fools' is on a Thursday. Now, we're getting ready to bring you a ton of exciting bingo games all found in the Spring Bingo Room, so get ready for the action.

Bingo Patterns

Not only will we have a range of bingo games taking place on April Fools' Day itself, but this event will run every Thursday for the whole month. Better still, the event will run all day until midnight each Thursday. This means that you're going to get access to a whole lot of bingo!

The April Fool event consists of Top of the Hour games with Wiggle Bingo games in play.

These Wiggle Bingo games will have pots that start at $10. As the name suggests, these will then wiggle their way upwards until they reach a cap of $100 for the pot.

Once that top value of $100 is reached, the pot will then start to wiggle downwards back to $10, unless someone wins it in that time. All cards for this exciting event will be priced at just $0.50 per card, with a special free card offer of Buy 7 and get 3 free. Simply select 10 cards of your choosing, and you will only pay for 7!

In order to play these exciting bingo games, you will need to have an account with us. It's simple to set up, and you can do it now before the event kicks off. Sign up and get your cards now and get ready for a month of April Fools' fun with no tricks attached!