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Black Friday is a great day to uncover incredible deals and you don’t need to look any further for the best bingo deal this Black Friday as we bring you up to $4,000 in fabulous cash prizes to be won in our Black Friday Special.

The Black Friday bingo fun can be found in the Autumn Bingo room on Friday, November 27 EST as we bring you the very best Black Friday bingo games. These exciting Black Friday special games will keep you on the edge of your seat with fantastic prizes of up to $1,000 in cash to be won every game.

Starting at 8:00PM EDT we will play four (4) great top of the hour High or Low $1,000/ $100 bingo games which will each have a card cost of just $1.50 a card. That's up to an incredible $4,000 in cash prizes that must be won on Black Friday!

Why not preorder your cards in our Black Friday Special from your PC, Tablet or mobile device for your chance to grab an incredible Black Friday bargain of up to $1,000 in cash every game.

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