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Bungee Bingo

High adrenaline bingo

Get ready to dive headlong into fabulous bingo fun and yell “Bingo” playing our incredible Bungee Bingo games. With high adrenaline bingo fun and excitement guaranteed every Thursday night between 3:00AM CEST and 4:00AM CEST in the Seasonal Bingo room, are you ready to take the plunge?

Bungee Bingo games take bingo fun to a new level of excitement. Playing back to back for a whole hour, each games starts with a fantastic €470.00 prize pot and with each number called it will plunge its way down until it reaches €47.00. True to its name, this is Bungee Bingo and the pot will then fly all the way back up with each number called until it hits €470.00.

These exciting Bungee Bingo games play non-stop from 3:00AM CEST till 4:00AM CEST every Thursday night in the Seasonal Bingo room. With cards only €0.70 each, pre order yours now to find out how much fun you can have every Thursday night playing our Bungee Bingo games!