Candy Frenzy Bingo Tournament

Candy Frenzy Tourney

Sweet Bingo Delights

It's time to celebrate National Candy month in June as you unwrap sweet bingo delights every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in our Candy Frenzy Tourney. Filled with B90 bingo fun and excitement, this delicious bingo tourney has fabulous treats for everyone as we give away over $900 in fantastic prizes.

Join in the candy fun every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between June 5th and June 28th between 3:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT in the Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 room to be our Candy Frenzy Tourney winner of a fantastic $500 cash. Don't worry, there's more than enough candy to go around, with prizes for the top 10 players who bingo the most times on our delicious candy pattern.

Our sweet Candy Frenzy Tourney games will play as mid hours specials all month long and with a ticket cost of just $0.50 each, you are guaranteed fabulous candy fun every game. The more of these sweet Candy Frenzy Tourney games that you win, the bigger the candy reward of up to $500 cash as our Candy Frenzy Tourney winner.

Delicious B90 Bingo

There's always fabulous B90 bingo treats to be found every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 3:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT. From Starting $5 Full House Bingo at $0.05 a ticket to Full House $0.10 Bingo, you are guaranteed to find your favorite Bingo 90 games in the Candy Frenzy B90 bingo room!

Bingo Tournament Winners - Monday June 6th ~ Sunday June 26th

Place Username Total Winnings Prize Description
1 dpriest@Fest $27,291.75 $500.00 1st Place - Keno Tourney
2 spooner67@Sky $13,790.75 $375.00 2nd Place - Keno Tourney
3 belldancer54@Fest $12,791.56 $300.00 3rd Place - Keno Tourney
4 moonchick106@CB $11,618.81 $250.00 4th Place - Keno Tourney
5 Wheenerr@CB $9,811.90 $200.00 5th Place - Keno Tourney
6 trippy69@CB $8,623.45 $150.00 6th Place - Keno Tourney
7 hawaiiwifee@CB $8,530.60 $125.00 7th Place - Keno Tourney
8 angelpie28@CB $6,128.55 $85.00 8th Place - Keno Tourney
9 pink2013@Sky $5,568.65 $75.00 9th Place - Keno Tourney
10 Shes2smart@CB $5,423.35 $65.00 10th Place - Keno Tourney
11 toddswife@CB $5,369.12 $50.00 11th Place - Keno Tourney
12 ladyvan35@Sky $5,355.50 $50.00 12th Place - Keno Tourney
13 mommyb@Sky $5,220.50 $50.00 13th Place - Keno Tourney
14 HoneyBadger1@CB $4,991.17 $50.00 14th Place - Keno Tourney
15 sthofny@CB $4,724.65 $50.00 15th Place - Keno Tourney
16 LauraLee21@CB $4,555.50 $25.00 16th Place - Keno Tourney
17 karob1965@Fest $4,365.75 $25.00 17th Place - Keno Tourney
18 bingoshelley@Sky $4,215.90 $25.00 18th Place - Keno Tourney
19 chakalakamaka@Fest $4,199.10 $25.00 19th Place - Keno Tourney
20 Valstau@DTB $3,571.12 $25.00 20th Place - Keno Tourney

Prize Table

Place Prize Description
1st $500 Cash
2md $200 Cash
3rd $100 Cash
4th $50 Cash
5th $25 Cash
6th $10 Free Play Bonus
7th $10 Free Play Bonus
8th $10 Free Play Bonus
9th $10 Free Play Bonus
10th $10 Free Play Bonus

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only games won on Candy Frenzy Tourney mid hours special bingo games between Friday, June 5 at 3:00PM EDT and Sunday, June 28 at 9:00PM EDT will be considered towards winning the Tournament.
  2. Only Active funding players who funded their account at least once in the last 30 days are eligible to participate in this Tournament.
  3. Prizes for 1st – 5th will be paid in cash, prizes for 6th to 10th will be paid in bonus.
  4. In the case of a tie between players in terms of Bingo wins, the higher ranking place will be awarded to the player reaching the amount of Bingo wins first. Other players who reach the same amount after, will be awarded the following rankings.
  5. General Website Rules Apply.