Elvis Lives $5,000 Fullhouse min $500

B90 Bingo

The King of Bingo has a great reputation for bringing players the very best in B90 bingo fun in his fabulous Elvis Lives $5,000 Fullhouse min $500 games.

Playing on Saturday April 11th at 5:00PM EDT in the Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 room, this great game brings you the chance to win an incredible $5,000 cash prize for just $0.50 a ticket.

The prize pot for the Kings Elvis Lives $5,000 Fullhouse min $500 game starts out as an incredible $5,000 fullhouse prize. If it's not won by the 41st ball called, the prize pot slowly drops with every number called until it is won or reaches a minimum of $500. So jump in quick to win big in this fabulous B90 bingo game.

Buy 8 Get 4 Free

Get an extra special reward from the King of Bingo with his fantastic Buy 8 Get 4 Free offer on all tickets to his Elvis Lives $5,000 Fullhouse minimum $500 game. Simply select 12 cards of your choosing and you will only be charged for 8. With so many chances to win up to $5,000 in cash, pre order your tickets to the Kings great game now!

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