Fair 'N' Square Beach Fun

Summer Bingo Fun

The sun is shining and it's time for some Summer bingo fun in our Summer Bingo room this month as we play for fantastic cash prizes in the fairest bingo games anywhere in our Fair 'N' Square Beach fun games. These fun filled games offer everyone exactly the same chances of winning a guaranteed cash pot of $100 every game.

Fair 'N' Square Bingo

Playing from 5:00PM EDT till 10:00PM EDT on Saturday July 11th in the Summer Bingo room, we're bringing you five hours filled with Fair 'N' Square Beach fun games, each one offering a guaranteed cash prize of $100 for just $0.45 a card.

Every one of our great Fair 'N' Square Beach Fun bingo games offers player the chance to purchase six bingo tickets of their choosing per game. No more than six and no less than six, meaning that everyone who plays has an equal chance of winning the guaranteed cash pot of $100.

Join us for five hours filled with bingo fun as we play the fairest bingo games anywhere online by pre ordering your lucky cards today to win $100 in cash every game!