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Gingerbread Games

Tasty Bingo Fun

Join in the Holiday fun and enjoy delicious Gingerbread delights as we fill the evening with sweet tasting bingo games and irresistible cash prizes of up to €6,000 that must be won. The Holidays would not be the same without some tasty Gingerbread treats and this year you can indulge yourself with our special Gingerbread Bingo games.

Taste the Gingerbread bingo fun between 2:00AM CEST and 3:00AM CEST in the Christmas Bingo room on Friday December 15th as we play an hour filled with exciting Gingerbread games.

  • €60 Gingerbread Guaranteed games
  • Gingerbread €6,000 Coverall Minimum €60 games
  • Starting €60 Gingerbread Games

Each one of our delicious Gingerbread Bingo games plays with a card cost of only €0.60 a card and you’ll get more chances to win with a fantastic Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all Gingerbread Bingo games. That’s a tasty 5 cards for the prize of 3.