Grammy Awards Special Grammy Awards Special Grammy Awards Special

Grammy Awards Special

The show must go on!

We all love music, and there is no better way to celebrate musicians at the top of their game than by joining them in the celebrations. The 63rd Grammys themselves may be postponed, but we’re still bringing you an evening filled with bingo fun. That's right, we're going to run our own event - the Grammy Awards Special on Sunday, January 31 EST!

This is going to be an extra special cycle of bingo games, so head on over to the New Year’s Bingo room to join in all the fun. Don't miss it, as this will only cycle between 8:00PM EST and 9:00PM EST so you'll need to make sure you get the right time!

During this hour, we're offering up a bunch of exciting different games for you to play. There are going to be $31.00 starting games priced at just $0.50 per card, and a special top of the Hour $10,000.00 guaranteed, minimum $100.00 coverall game priced at $1.00 a card. So grab what you need and start playing some Grammy bingo.

To give you an even better shot at the jackpot, we're also offering up an exciting card promo. All cards are on a buy 6 get 3 free offer.

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