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Horoscope Bingo

Reveal a year filled with huge cash wins

January is the time of year where all our CyberBingo roomies look forward to a New Year, filled with joy, health and amazing big bingo wins. We all want to know what the stars have lined up for us in the New Year, so welcome roomies and horoscope fans to a little bingo pick me up, it’s Horoscope Bingo Time!

Our Horoscope Bingo games are filled with fantastic guaranteed cash prizes of €60 every game, the perfect way to ensure that your New Year gets off to the best possible start. These fun filled Horoscope Bingo games will play in the New Year’s Bingo room from 2:00AM CEST till 3:00AM CEST on Monday January 15th . Cards cost just €0.30 a card and you’ll receive a fantastic Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all Horoscope Bingo games.

Will the stars align to see you win an incredible €600 cash prize in January? All of our Horoscope Bingo games will award winning players with 1 tourney point in our exciting Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney where we’re giving away a fabulous €1,710 in prizes!