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Kentucky Derby Speedy Games

Race Day

This year is the 142nd Kentucky Derby, “the fastest Two Minutes in Sports” and we’ve got a fun filled bingo event that will see the numbers called and the fantastic cash prizes being won at great speed as we play an hour filled with our Starting $12.00 Kentucky Derby Speedy Games.

Speedy Bingo

Grab your Mint Julep and join your bingo roomies for our very own Kentucky Bingo Derby in the Spring bingo room on Saturday May 7th. There’s no dress code, come as you wish but don’t be late, we’re under starters orders at 8:00PM EDT. These fun filled Starting $12.00 Kentucky Derby Speedy Game have a cash prize pot that starts at $12.00 and increases with player wagers, the more players that play… the bigger the cash prize!

Cards for our Kentucky Derby Speedy Games are just $0.35 a card, so take your seat and keep up with the caller as we bring you fun filled speedy bingo fun with our Kentucky Derby Speedy Games!