$14,000 March Madness

Big Bingo Fun

When it comes to winning big, we've saved the best till last in March with our fantastic $14,000 March Madness event that will see us giving away over $14,000 in guaranteed cash prizes.

Everyone's invited to join in the fun and excitement of the $14,000 March Madness event which starts at 8:00PM EDT in the Bingo Tourney room on Saturday, March 28 EDT. With incredible cash prizes of up to $10,000 guaranteed, this is your chance to win big in March.

We start the fun with three (3) great top of the hour $1,000 guaranteed games playing at 8:00PM EDT, 9:00PM EDT and 10:00PM EDT. Each game playing for a huge cash prize of $1,000 guaranteed with a card cost of just $2.00 a card.

March Madness

At 11:00PM EDT it's time for the big game, filled with March Madness, we're giving away over $11,000 in guaranteed cash prizes in this game. The first part receives a great $250 cash prize, the second part a fantastic $1,000 cash prize and the third and final part of this March Madness game awards a guaranteed $10,000 cash prize for just $5.00 a card.

With so many incredible guaranteed cash prizes to be won in the $14,000 March Madness Event, pre order yours now for you chance to be our next big winner.