Marilyn Monroe $5,000 Full house

Big Bingo Star

Our Hollywood Bingo Star, Marilyn Monroe is ready to shower her favorite bingo fans with a fabulous $5,000 in cash playing her fun filled Marilyn Monroe $5,000 Full House game on Saturday August 15th.

This great B90 fullhouse game will play at the new time of 6:00PM EDT in the Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 room with a fullhouse prize of $5,000 to be won for a ticket cost of just $0.50 a ticket. Marilyn's great game starts out with a Full House prize of $5,000, this fantastic cash prize is up for grabs until the 42nd ball called, after that it will slowly reduce down in value with each additional ball called until it reaches a guaranteed minimum of $500.

With tickets only $0.50 each and a fantastic $5,000 in cash just waiting to be won, make sure to join our Hollywood star on Saturday August 15th in the Candy Frenzy bingo 90 room as we play our Marilyn Monroe $5,000 Full House game.

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