Mother's Day Bingo Specials Mother's Day Bingo Specials Mother's Day Bingo Specials

Mother's Day Bingo Specials

Play different bingo games each Sunday for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is approaching! Rather than stick to one day this May, we're going to celebrate our mothers throughout the month. That means that every Sunday it's time to thank our mothers and join in on our Mother's Day Bingo Specials which will take place in the Spring bingo room.

Our Mother's Day Bingo Specials will take place each Sunday for two hours between 7:00PM EST and 9:00PM EST. The games will all be non-stop so get ready to settle in for the action with your cards prepped to go. There are a number of different games available too to spice things up.

Our Mother's Day Bingo Special games include starting $100 games. On top of that, there are high/low $200/$100 games on offer. At the top of the hour we are also running a guaranteed $200 game as well. How's that for a lot of excitement this month!

All cards for this event will be sold at $0.75 each so grab them now as the prizes are worth it! We're even going to make this easier for you with our new promo special — order 6 cards, and you will only have to pay for 4! That's right, you get two for free!

To join in this Mother's Day fun, you must be a member with us, but it won't take long to sign up if you aren't with us already. Grab your cards now and get ready to celebrate your mothers throughout May, and maybe you'll get a big win out of it too!

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