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Christmas Eve Bingo

Have you been naughty or nice? You know Santa checks his list twice...

Our Naughty or Nice Max Games on Christmas Eve will bring everyone the perfect present this Christmas as we play for fantastic cash prizes of up to $500 every game. With up to $3,000 in cash to be won, it's time to look out for our Christmas Bingo patterns and join in the Holiday fun as we play our Naughty or Nice Max Games in the Christmas Bingo room.

Naughty or Nice Max Games play as Top of the Hour games from 6:00PM EDT in the Christmas Bingo room on Thursday December 24th. Each game starts with a guaranteed cash pot of $150 which will climb as the balls are called until it is won or hits a festive $500 in cash. The pot will then remain at $500 for the rest of the game until it is won. Cards for these great Naughty or Nice Max games are only $1.50 per card.

Our Naughty or Nice Max Games will also count towards winning in our Santa's Bingo Tourney. This tourney is your chance to be one of 20 winners celebrating the Holidays with prizes of up to $1,000 in cash.

Don't miss out on your chance to win fantastic cash prizes this Christmas Eve playing our Naughty or Nice Max Games. You can pre order for all our great bingo games from your PC, tablet or mobile.